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LD training23, quiet day

Today is a short post.

This morning Jim and his pup went home after breakfast. Come back Jim, come back. You left and stuck us with Fred! Ha, just kidding, hope you and that boy of yours do well.

I’ve been doing nothing but sneezing and coughing since last night. Just what I need, to be sick before going home, bleh!

Since I’m sick, Luna felt like joining the party and having me worry all day. We thought Luna had those lovely horrible tape worms. *sighs* what we absolutely did not want before going home either! So I was pretty bumped about hearing that could be the case right at this point. Things fly smoothly to have a crash right at the end.

Luckily late this afternoon we found out that it isn’t too terrible. She does have a minor bug that should be cleared up by Wednesday. That definitely allowed me to breathe a bit. I’ll breathe even easier when she’s 100 percent.

Tomorrow we get to play around with squirrels so that I can hopefully get Luna to see that she really doesn’t want to chase them up trees! Wish me luck.


  1. Ah and it’s such an *awesome* jacket. I love it!

    I’m just glad she’s not as sick as first thought. I don’t think I could have handled that. It wasn’t like super oh my god sick, but just the thought and still having the closeness of the other was overwhelming.

    As for the scattered leaving it was reasons for each leaving when they did.

  2. So glad you got your jacket.

    Why do they always catch a bug just before the thing’s over?

    That’s weird that people just sorta go home along the way. Never seen that before.

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