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LD training22, my adventure


I’m one happy happy camper! I was determined to get my motorcycle jacket and I, GOT, IT!!!

First, if you ever need a cab and use Ace cab company, they are very very helpful. So Leader Dogs make sure you add them to your list of cab companies to call.

Sadly, Luna cold not go with me on this trip because we are not a graduating team yet. So I most unfortunately had to use my cane for this adventure. *grumbles* It took me 6…count them, 6 tries before I found a company that was nice and came out to Leader Dogs, so once again, thank you Ace!

After 4 this afternoon I turned on music for Luna and headed out the door not sure what to expect. *Thanks* wireless for dying before I got back.

Huge plus the cab was actually here in 30 minutes like the dispatcher said they would be.

so I get in the cab and before we pull away I could already tell this was going to be an *interesting* trip.

Driver, hey I thought the dog was coming too.
Me, nope we can’t take the dogs with us on outings without instructors since we haven’t graduated yet.
Driver, what, you look old enough to be graduated to me!

I asked the driver if he would please wait for me and return me to campus and this is how that went.

Me, could you please wait and return me back to campus?
Driver, how long do you think you will be.
Me, not long at all, just going to buy a jacket and I’m done.
Driver, oh that’s cool. I won’t charge you a wait fee since I already told my dispatcher that I’m going in to buy something anyway.
Driver, what kind of jacket?
Me, a motorcycle jacket.
Driver, uh oh, everyone watch out hot mama in the car!

All that was *before* we left the driveway, hahahaahah.

Apparently there are Harley’s out there that have 3 wheels? I have never seen ones like this and if they are out there, I so want to see one…ride it too of course!

I make it to the mall in one piece and the driver does a great job of sighted guide and explaining where things are, curbs, doors, turning left right and so on. *good* less cane work for me!

Driver, ok, what’s the name of the store?
Me, I haven’t the foggiest.
Driver, need to clear that up then.

So we stop and find out about stores that sell leather jackets, luckily there’s only 2, but the one we needed happened to be right in front of us, lol.

We find the sales person who is not the same as the other day, but just as nice and helpful.

Sales person, how may I help you?
Me, I’m here to get the leather jacket with the wings on the back.
Sales person, ah yes, right this way. come with me.
Driver, yes go with her. I have no clue where I’m going and will get us lost.

This sales person is short and the jackets I want are too high for her to reach so she has to get her stick as she called it so she can pull them down. She offers to hold my cane while I try on the jacket.

First is the one I mentioned but in black and extra large. I try it on just to make sure and yep the fit is great. But then, she spots one that’s *purple* Yep you guessed it. I had to have the purple one! It fits much better too and matches my hair and shoes, hahaha.

Me, I’ll take this purple one.
Sales person, that looks much better on you than the black one.

So I take off the purple one and hand it back to her and she starts to walk off . . .

Sales person, whoops, I forgot to give you back your stick. I remembered my stick, but forgot your stick.
Me, yes sadly I kind of need that.
Sales person, yes I need mine too to poke at things.
Driver, oh I’m sure she needs hers to poke at people too.

Hey, how did he know my secret!!

I am now the proud owner of my motorcycle jacket with wings!

Now the reason my driver was coming in the mall to buy something was for his beef jerky and Amish cheese. I’ve never had Amish cheese and when we found his old friend that sells it in this mall the driver tells that too his friend and I end up getting a sample for free.

It was awesome spicy cheese too and I decided I wanted to buy some, but my driver would have none of that and ought it for me. Well, thanks!

The trip back to Leader was just as amusing, but it would be harder to recap that since bounced around off puns and would have better to hear in audio hahahaah. All I will say is I’ll definitely be keeping this contact information for this cab company and will give a card to Leader as well. If you’re looking for a boring ride, that is not with this driver!

Now, the reason I haven’t said his name is because I can’t recall if he told me or not hahahahah. He talked like the whole trip there and back and we laughed the whole time and I may have missed it. For those in class 15-03 you’ll get this…he reminded me of Fred, lol.

But if you want to make sure you get him…or avoid him, hahahah just ask for the driver that loves his beef jerky and Amish cheese sold by Joe.

Oh and in guide dog related news we dropped another graduate today. Rodney and his pup went home this morning. They’re dropping like flies now!

See you all tomorrow.

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