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LD training24, nearing the end

OMG, the time is getting closer! Quick, someone slam on the breaks I can’t get off yet, but that’s only because there’s a motorcycle show coming this weekend and I want to go go go!! So not fair, why couldn’t that have been this past weekend, you know like when I’m here?

Ah well!

morning training:
So, today was another awesome work day for miss Luna Moon! We worked downtown on various things, obstacles, curbs pace and pull and our very favorite *distractions*

It hit me during the middle of our route that this was the first time Luna and I actually got to do a solo, just Luna and I. Usually I’ve given up doing a solo to be moral support for one of my classmates and I don’t regret that one bit.

Luna ran through this mornings route almost perfectly. She only ran me into one overhang that was nice and wet *smack* right in the face! I wasn’t sure if she was trying to dodge something else and missed the wet tree, but when we re-worked it she got it right.

Some annoying squirrel came out to pay us a visit and she was still distracted by that, but that was partly my fault I stopped her when she started getting distracted instead of us moving right along.

Then this car popped out of no where when we are close to the training center and of course my girl angles herself in front of me and we stop. I nicely tell the driver that they are blocking my way, hahahahaha, thanks David and Jessica!

afternoon training:
Off to Detroit we go one last time! Did I mention that I hate the big city! *chuckles* no, must have forgot that part. I really do hate the big city now, no longer use to it, but I went because it would be another good experience for Luna and I with busy streets, loads of curb work and the people mover.

Oh and can’t forget those escalators! Man, Luna *loves* those things. I’m so going to be in trouble whenever we pass b some in the mall on the way to Starbucks…Speaking of Starbucks, Jessica oh Jessica, one more Starbucks run tomorrow, please please!!!

Um right, so back to today hahaha. Luna gets so excited when she sees escalators and nearly bounces us up to them and almost forgets that I’m attached to her, lol. Definitely something to keep an eye on, but still amusing to see.

I’m very comfortable with the progress Luna and I have made and can’t wait to drag her off to Canada and move to our second stage together. Our forever stage!

Heads up for tomorrow. There will hopefully be 2 videos in tomorrows entry and just like the meet Luna entry you may need tissue.

Have a great night!


  1. Yeah, I can’t believe how fast the class time like flew by. It’s time for those mixed feelings now, ready to go and hating to leave.

  2. Holy crap, tomorrow you come home. Doesn’t seem possible. Feels like you just left!

    Hey, just thought of something silly. You know all those songs about wanting to pull down the moon and give it to people? You actually can!

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