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LD training21, rain rain rain

OMG, those re-trains left and the rain came along with the cold! Now how fair is that? I demand a refund!

So, back in entry 19 I made a *huge* typo and I didn’t even notice until my instructor pointed it out and she was the only one. Kind of funny.

I wrote, “our second round at the puppy raiser”
Instead of, “our second round at the people mover:

I read that entry several times before I posted it and I didn’t even catch that, too funny!
Now back to this rain business. I would like to know why those re-trains had to go and be mean and leave us all this rain and left some cold behind.

Yesterday we went to this mall and I saw this *awesome* motorcycle jacket and stupid me didn’t have my credit card on me. I left my pouch behind and forgot to move the cards over. I was soooooo pissed at myself It’s a cool leather motorcycle jacket with wings on the back and reflective so that I couldn’t get run over and squished when walking at night. The sad thing is they are only open on the weekend and I leave on Thursday…not fair!! Now that jacket will be stuck in my head like forever.

Today again was nothing too special. Just more mall travel. I wish it was the same mall as yesterday so that I could have gotten that jacket, but no luck. We went to this mall that OMG, drove me completely insane and the whole group too. Where the hell did all those people come from?

Luna my sweet amazing dog handled the Great Lake Crossings Mall like a champ. she was not stressed out and moved around things like she’d been doing it for years. I on the other hand just wanted out out out and a *huge* drink.

Luna must have felt my pain cause she tried to take me to the bar when we were nearing the end of the crazy mall walk, but Jessica but a stop to that…how mean!!!

Thank goodness tomorrow we have a break. i wonder how much a cab trip would be to that mall to get that jacket. I want, I want, I want!!


  1. lol, an amusing typo I must say.
    I must go venture into a mall I don’t know to hunt down my soon to be jacket!

  2. I saw the puppy raiser typo, but I sort of raised my eyebrows and then figured out you must have meant people mover.

    Get the jacket get the jacket get the jacket!

  3. I’m definitely going to try hard to get out there like after lunch or something. It’s one of those type of leather jackets that can be used just about all year. July and August definitely not. So yes, besides being totally cool it would be used lots.

  4. You should totally go back for it. If the cab trip is super insane, bribe somebody with lunch or gas money to drive you. It would suck to miss a chance to get something you really like and could use.

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