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LD training20, saying good-bye

We started off as strangers
and ended as friends.
We just get to know each other
when it’s time to go our separate ways.
We must Put on that brave face
to see you one last time.
One more round of jokes and laughs
as we sit around the table.
You’re the first to start to cry
which means that moment is here.
Final hugs and well wishes
as we all head out the door.

Be safe class 15-03 retrains. The tables will be almost quiet without you!


  1. There were 19 to start. One left last Sunday, one Thursday night, re-trains yesterday, another leaves Monday, then the Brazilians on Wednesday and finally us last stragglers on Thursday.

  2. Yea, hag be gone! Wow that’s a big class!

  3. lol, no luckily she left yesterday. There are 10 of us left. 5 from here in the States, myself and then the 4 from Brazil.

  4. So how many of you are left? I hope it isn’t you and bully hag woman.

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