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LD training19, very productive day

Now today was the absolute best and very productive. Today our work connection really showed strong.

college campus:
This morning we went to college and Luna showed me that she will have *no* problem with that part of our life at all.

People sitting on the floor *Luna didn’t give them a second thought*
People swarming around us while I stopped and talk *Luna lays down and takes a break*
Patterning her to where our pretend class is *wag wag* goes the tail…I got this her wiggly body says!
Moving through a pile of students coming and going *darn, didn’t knock any of them over* erm, I mean great job Luna!

Now to introduce her to our real college back at home and of course the bar. I think Luna will deserve a drink as well after a long day too, right? *shhh* don’t tell Jessica though. A pornstar for me and I’ll have to figure out what type of drink Luna likes *snickers*

the dog mall:
Sorry I forgot what this mall is really called, but it’s full of people and dogs and dogs and did I mention *dogs* I only had to get after Luna once for really losing focus and wanting one dog that turned into *loads* of them, but Jessica told me that I tensed up so part of that was most likely my fault *whoops*

For doing such a great job Luna got to pick out 2 new toys for herself. *um* spoiled dog already you think? She picked 2 of the expensive ones. Hahahah, think she has her handler figured out too that I’ll spoil her rotten? She bought a goughnut, the black circle one and a purple…yes, purple kong like what they get to play with at Leader. Hmph, they didn’t have a purple doughnut though *sighs*

Jessica seemed surprised that I’d pick something purple..why is that?She’s been with me 19 days already she should know without a doubt that if it’s purple *I want*

Detroit part 2:
*wow* the nuts come out at night…and *no* I’m not talking about just me!

Jessica took me to Detroit to work on a few things, night travel, distractions, obstacles, curbs and the people mover. Luna totally *kicked* ass. I’m so proud of my girl!

OMG, we also had some um *strange* people wandering around. One guy kept asking me if Luna was a *shepherd* Um, does she look like a shepherd? I’m pretty sure that I would have noticed the *pointy* ears or maybe I should go out and drink more and then I’d notice that Jessica really gave me a shepherd, lol.

So this guy is asking me if Luna is a shepherd as he’s walking straight at us and I’m also having to tell Luna *no* so she would *not* stay distracted by this person and this goofball guy ask again…is that a shepherd while still walking straight at us. *groans* my answer is still no dude. Luna’s trying to get around him, he’s like right in front of us i’m ready to shoot him and he ask for a *third* time…is that a shepherd. For the third time and again to both him and Luna the answer is *no. hahahah the guy apparently decides that I’m ignoring him and mumbles, *fine just ignore me* and walks off.

I think I’ll pass on whatever he’s been drinking!

So moving right along Jessica tells me that I’m like scaring people and they’re diving back in doorways *chuckles* WTH, is Luna that scary looking way down there on the ground with her wagging tail?

During the night walk she doesn’t fly like we do during the day and she is extremely careful. Her obstacle work is *fantastic* so loads of thanks to all of Luna’s trainers and puppy raiser for this step. Luna would make you all proud. she even managed to impress a construction worker this evening when we were weaving in and out of all their *traps*

Our second round at the puppy raiser made me feel much more at ease and less confused on what was right and what was not. Luna was actually doing exactly what I want the other day when we did the people mover, but due to conflicting information from dog and trainer this poor handler had no clue and wasn’t too pleased with results.

But, I should have known to *trust* my dog. She knew better. Her whole *body wag* should have let me know that the instructor had no clue what she was talking about and Luna was right hahahahah!

McDonald’s in Detroit:
So after our lesson was over we stopped at McDonalds so that I could get something to eat since I skipped dinner to have some much needed *quiet* time.

I’m curious when did it change to you could only place *one* order when at a drive through window?

Jessica places my order and then tries to place hers and is told *nope* only one order at the window. I’ve never heard of such a thing and I go to McDonalds a lot. Maybe this one McDonalds in Detroit on Mac road I think it was lives on a different set of rules? *scratches head*

Take care Paul:
Well, this evening another one of our number left for home today. Paul and his puppy who live close got a chance to depart campus early…the lucky ducks! So I wish you all the best Paul and many many fun years together with that girl of yours.

Paul is who I would have loved doing an interview with, but timing didn’t work out *aww*

Over all again this was a *fantastic* day and Luna shown like a star!

Now to get ready to say bye to all the great friends from class 15-03 as the re-trains leave us in the morning. How quiet it will be after that.

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