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LD training18, time for those monthly drugs

Hey there everyone.

Today was another quiet day. We are getting near the end of training and things are starting to wrap up *cries*

Luna and I didn’t do anything exciting today, so sorry no funny things to share. This morning we did more freelance work and I partnered with Jackie and her pup and all went great there.

We also did the demo airplane thing..showing how to get the dogs nice and situated on the plane. *whew* thank god I have a tiny girl. Shove her under the seat and *poof* no more dog! I love it.

the client services team:
*cheers* I got to see Will Henry and Stephanie Steele today. Well, I actually met Will yesterday after lunch but forgot to mention that in yesterdays entry *whoops*

Will is director of client services and hahaha he’s out numbered by women on the client services team!

*bleh* frontline!
Today was that day you drug all your great pups with Heartguard and Frontline. I don’t mind the rearguard, but bleh, can’t stand that Frontline.

Luckily there’s something out now called Next Guard or it may be one word and it’s chewable like the Heartguard. Definitely something I will be getting instead of that messy don’t know if I’m doing it right Frontline.

For those of you that would prefer something like that you should check with your vets about it. Next Guard made by Frontline.

Also, today made it to a year and a half *yay* Luna!

So that’s all for now. Write tomorrow and hopefully I can catch another interview for tomorrow’s entry.


  1. Ok, sorry if this comes through twice, but the silly thing is saying it didn’t post the first time so… pet meds delivers to Canada and they have it. There were a few other places I saw as well.

  2. james james

    Tell ya what. If you find some, let us know, eh? My preliminary research tells me to shove off.

  3. That chewable tic/flea stuff…is it available for us great white northerners? Frontline’s a bitch to get up here, so I figured this would be similar. I hate the splat treatment too, though, never know if it went in ok…and the dog goes squirmy squirmy!

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