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LD training17, make it stop!

One of the cool things about Leader Dogs is that it has GPS training to go along with whichever training you’re here for, guide dog or mobility. Now this is absolutely fantastic *unless* you finally discover that your GPS is *not* loaded with the maps you need! *whoops* where did they go?

The plan this morning was for everyone to use their *lovely* Trekkers to create a landmark to a coffee shop and the instructors would *throw* us out and say go find it! So finally I decided to try and figure out why in the heck my Trekker wasn’t working like it should. I’d get the annoying *initializing Trekker* wait for 10 years…*entering open area*…that’s great but still not what I need. Then nothing! It would just sit there and sit there and eventually it would saying that I was going *some direction* Oh that’s great, but um, *where the heck am I*
Hey May, you didn’t really need those maps, did you? *groans* this is what I get for not double checking to make sure Michigan was loaded onto my Trekker Breeze before I left Canada. I highly doubt that *Canada* maps will tell me where I am while here in Michigan!

So note those that are going into future classes and getting a trekker and you live in another country…make sure *Michigan* is really there. That or someone tell Humanware to get a move on and make it so us *apple* users can work with the Trekker too and not have to hunt for a darn *windows* machine!

musical Trekker:
on West 4th street…on West 4th street…on West 4th street…on West 4th street

*screams* make it stop!! All these Trekkers going off is driving me mad.

Shhh, no comment from the peanut gallery, I *did not* ask for your comments about me, humph!

Riding on a bus with at least 5 trekkers is just *soooooooo* much fun! You should try it sometime. Of course as much as I complain about them is probably the reason mine like only work when they feel like it *chuckles*

it’s time to *bond*
So riding back on the bus from this mornings trip I end up sitting with this instructor *who will remain nameless* hahahaah, that would love to have one of those suits that you can climb into and then *run* smack into each other…or she’d love to play a bonding game where we all get in a circle and *roll* into each other!

Hmm, she scares me…can I walk back to the center now? *snickers* Can you guess who this instructor is?

Sarah, Rebbie, Christie, Jessica

the people mover:
Hey, Detroits people mover is like the OTrain in Ottawa except goes to more stations, lol. And noisier!

Luna did a great job in Detroit despite the fact that her handler was *totally* stressed out wit the disorienting casino and not really knowing where I was. In my opinion the route could have been better, but the instructors with me said we looked great…so guess that’s a good thing.

fly Luna fly!
Once again Luna and I did the practice route after 8PM park with Jim and his puppy and *cheers* no frog hunting. But *yipes* watch out for those killer apples or whatever the squishy things were that slipped under your feet.

I decided to time how long it took Jim and I to walk the course this time and the result was *9* minutes from start to finish. Probably would have been quicker if we didn’t have to try and not die on squishy things, lol.

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