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LD training15, safe travels John and Zella

*whew* technology sometimes can be a pain in the *ass* Things just didn’t want to work when it was suppose to and the connection here at Leader didn’t make it much better *chuckles* The entries will be a little out of order. Training day 15 will be this one and training day 14 what happened on Saturday will hopefully be up later. Then this evening if nothing *blows up* tonights entry should be on schedule. *smiles* but don’t hold me to that!

There is an audio recording in this entry for those reading this via email. If you can’t listen to the audio, then you’ll need to go to my site to listen to it.

Drama reaches a near explosion point:
OMG, today was the first day that I had to physically hold myself back from knocking someone’s head off. I just can’t stand bullies or people that pick on others for *no* reason what so ever and then try and make themselves out to be the victim. One instructor feels that a certain person may start after me now since I jumped in to protect another…the person can surely try. I have no problem telling them where to go and how to get there without completely losing it *hopefully*

This person just picked a bad day for one thing to be a total *shit* and pick on the person they usually pick on. Emotions for today were already high. I’ll just move onto the next thing now before I slip and mention names…*grumbles* bad apples!!

safe travels John and Zella:
Today we will be saying good-bye to one of our number. John and his precious Zella will be leaving a little early to deal with matters back home.

From Leader Dog class 15-03 to John and Zella we all wish you the best and thinking of you! Keep in touch *duck man* Now what will Sarah do without those duck jokes *snickers*

interview with new guide dog handler John:
This may not be my best first interview since it happened right after an incident so please except my apologies. Last minute changes and all are always fun *smiles*

Listen to the audio here.

night walk on the practice route:
*wow* my girl can really move! But hey instructors we weren’t expecting that obstacle to still be out there, lol.

Jim and I did the practice route this evening and I believe we must have finished it in like *5* minutes. Jim and Peanut can definitely hold their own when walking with Luna and I. *cheers* for them both…I didn’t kill them!

Luna did *absolutely* fantastic. she did not try for *apples* she cleared the obstacle that those *mean* instructors left out and we definitely didn’t end up in the pond trying to *catch* frogs! Jessica will be proud.

Now to see what tomorrow will bring. *hey technology* pleeeeeease work!


  1. hahaha, yes he is the one that eats pig brains, *bleh*

  2. It did sound a bit W. Rossian.

  3. james james

    There should be audio now. May broke the file, that’s all.

    As for little miss ray of sunshine over there, she kinda reminds me of one or two folks from the WRM days, Carin. Complete with urge to put head through wall.

  4. I don’t see any audio. IE, did you eat it? Nom nom nom!

    Hope everything’s ok with the duck guy…he’s not the one who eats pig brains too is he?

    Bleh bullies. Suck it. I remember we had an arsehole in our class when I got Trixie, and he got sent home after the first week…I wonder if something similar will happen to this piece of…work.

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