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LD training13, whew, are we done yet?

For those receiving this via email it does contain a video. so you will need to go to my site or to my youtube channel to view it.

*whew* omg, this has been an *extremely* long day. We just went and went and went! I definitely had *people* overload by the end of today and I think *snoring* Luna felt the same.

so lets bring on the busy day!

radio but no air:
*wow* it’s the moving steam room. This morning I ended up on the bus with the working radio, but if you wanted air *tough* luck! Of course I think I prefer the bus with radio and no air than air with no radio and have to hear *duck* jokes, lol.

no mean dogs here:
Ha, sorry Jessica you didn’t get to have Luna and I eaten by a mean doggy! Maybe that’s what Luna knew you were up to when she ran me into that nice wet plant? *see see* I can blame Jessica for that obstacle distraction…yes yes, that’s it!

Hey Luna that’s a curb!
I fond it rather interesting today that Luna did *awesome* with the flat curbs…good thing I hate them, but she didn’t stop at the non-flat ones a couple of times. Although she’s getting great at not looking at me funny when I don’t give her a treat now maybe I’ll switch back to treating her at the curbs a little more often to get her to *remember* to stop at them. I don’t fancy being road kill.

Oh my instructor is sooooooo awesome when she’s not trying to find strange mean dogs to eat us that is! Luna and I got to go to Starbucks since she did a good job on our morning route. She wasn’t overly distracted and I didn’t have to bite her head off too much for blowing curbs *yay*

So, now Luna Moon has the smell of Starbucks in her memory banks and when I get home I can start teaching *find Starbucks*

Oh no, I’m back on the moving steam room bus!!! *cheers* they managed to fix it for the ride back to campus…*air*

lunch already?
OMG, I checked the time and it’s already lunch? Where did the morning go? So no short cat nap today or distress break for me, but soooo tempted to just skip! Chemical overload!

mall mall mall with Christie:
For the afternoon session I *finally* got to work with Christie, but it was only the mall lesson *sighs* I wanted to make her run…not fair!
Luna did one hell of a job in the mall. She *did not* get distracted by anything. She *did not* run me into anything…well, unless you got Sarah and Bonnie who appeared out of no where *whoops*

Now the best part of this lesson was when we worked the escalators. Christie wasn’t sure if Luna would remember them and here’s what happened.

Me, Luna *find the escalator*
Luna, *wag wag* goes the tail and happily puts her feet up on the object she took me too. *here it is*
Christie, Ha she took you to the *planter*
*whoops* hahahah, definitely can’t ride that! But Luna sure was proud of herself.

So we wanted to see if it was a fluke and tried again with the down escalator this time *chuckles* this time she took me between the planter and the escalator *wagging* her tail!

Third time we tried we wanted to get it on video since it was extremely cute and funny. Luna however *did not* cooperate…the brat!! So instead have a *perfect* escalator approach and ride. Great job Luna!

Not this bus again!
Oh no! I’m back on the bus with the radio with no air. Hopefully it still works like this morning.

*groans* nope, they broke it again….that’s it, someone get Leader Dog some new buses! We need working radios and air on all buses!

Back to camps and look it’s time to take the dogs out and then feed them and then dinner and and and…is this day over yet!!!

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