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LD training16, crash, boom, bam and frogs!

For those receiving this via email there is a video involved. You can view it by going to my site directly or my youtube channel,

OMG, did you ever have one of those days where you knew you should just get back in bed and hide from the world? Well, today was definitely that kind of day for me!

Everything’s out to get me!
6:15AM Someone decided to move the wall next to the closet. I swear it was not there the last time I got up. This time it got in my way and nearly took my head off. *ow* that hurt like hell!
7:15AM Who knew that playing with luna could be so dangerous? The chair next to the dog mat where Luna sleeps that *is not* of the soft variety got jealous and joined in the fun. *SOB* it bit my ankle! I would have kicked the stupid chair but that would have hurt too. One painful foot is enough, thanks!
7:30AM Luna felt left out that I was beating myself up in the room that she decided to join in the fun. *full speed ahead* she takes me right into the nice arm of the chair at the dining table…I’m seriously considering just going back to bed and starting over tomorrow.
8:20AM Knocking my head off the first time wasn’t good enough *nooooooo* I had to go for round 2. Bent down to set the bowl of water down for Luna and the towel rack jumped out to become better friends. *grumbles* I seriously should just stay inside and go back to bed.

Hey Christie, watch that curb! her driving scares me you know *snickers*

I just had to put that in there just for you Christie.

attempting the morning lesson:
Well, I figured what the hell, my room doesn’t like me so I should be safe outside, so off to train I go.

*whew* nothing jumped out to bite me, but sadly I couldn’t do the whole route since my ankle decided it wanted to start hurting more *sighs* Much to my surprise Jessica took a small video of Luna and I walking the gravel path and it shows all the nice fall colors, so I hope you enjoy. Luna of course did a great job even with her broken handler *chuckles*

*ow* my poor head!
Oh, did you think my bad day was over yet? Hahahaha, sorry it’s not.
5PM getting Luna’s dinner I try for a third time to knock my head off. This time it would be the shelf behind the bathroom door that wants to become friendly. Like really is this day *over* yet?

missed Will henry:
*shakes a fist* Darn that Will Henry would pick today of all days to sit at our table for lunch! I swear this day just gets better and better. However I much prefer missing Will over killing myself on some hard object again!

Luna goes frog hunting:
*cries* someone pleeeeeease let this day end! I decide to go on the practice route this evening to see how my ankle will do from it’s early meeting with the *painful* chair in my room and things weren’t too painful and I was able to walk at our flying speed with only a little pain.

*Luna* decides tonight that she wants to try and catch frogs. *frogs* for pete sakes!! I give up…it’s time for bed and I’m not coming out until who knows when.

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