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LD training12, ready to get grossed out?

*wow* what a day it’s been full of laughs, grossing out and new experiences!

What makes a class memorable is not just that awesome dog you receive on dog day, but the people that are also in your class and the instructors you work with and not only trust but they also have a great sense of humor and tease right along with you.

From day one Leader Dog class 15/03 has been absolutely great! We have one person that is kind of iffy, but we’ve found a way to even interact with that person that works for us all and still have a great time. Today was one of those days that outside people got to see how goofy our group is. So, lets tell you about today *chuckles* and for those instructors that missed the fun discussion…I hope you enjoy!!

pig brains, monkey brains and road kill cookbooks?
Mmm, now doesn’t that make you extremely hungry? Yes, you did read that right. Today in the training center we discussed great food items like pig brains, monkey brains and road kill cookbooks.

Jack claims that when it comes to *road kill* it needs to be at least one week old *gags* wonder if he’d like the skunks that live under our porch?

How about for breakfast we serve you up some pig brains with scrambled eggs? If it’s made by John you can be sure it will have hot sauce to put on top. I think the kitchen staff should give him that for breakfast and see what he does since he claims you can’t tell that you’re eating a pig’s brain.

lucy asked John if he ever had monkey brains and that grossed him out…wait, he’s grossed out by monkey brains, but willing to eat pig brains *shudders*

Have I managed to gross you out yet? *snickers* if so then you are in the same boat that a lot of us had this morning while waiting to head back to campus for lunch. Great before lunch time topic, eh?

pictures, vet and media:
I once again have a dog that loves having its picture taken *sighs* Luna sat so pretty, just like a little lady. She didn’t even try and get off the table when it was her turn to take her solo picture. I told her to stay and she did *cheers*

Hey another good thing about having an instructor all to yourself…you don’t have to share her with others in team pictures!!

Luna still occasionally scratches her left ear, but the vet said it looks great so I’ll stop worrying. luna is still at a great body size and I didn’t get yelled at that she lost a little weight *whew*Since the vet said it would be ok I’m going to take her down to just 3 cups a day now instead of 3 and a half. I’ll get her weighed again to make sure it’s not *dropping*

Man, the media part was the hardest for me. I was asked what sorts of things I do…I think the easier question would have ben, what *don’t* I do. I do it all and if I haven’t yet *bet* I’ll definitely find a way to get it done!

first lesson in Portuguese:
*wow* now that was absolutely fun! Tonight was the first time I had a chance to sit down and speak with some of the Brazilian clients. luna and I have flown by some of them on routes, but never had a chance to get to know each other. So I took the opportunity to learn a little Portuguese. As of right now I still remember what they taught me *knocks on my head* but who knows what tomorrow morning will bring. Sorry, I learned how to say some words, but not how to spell them, ha!

night time route:
We had a chance to do the night time route and I decided to go double to help out another classmate who was nervous about the route. I knew from past experience that Luna and I *most certainly* can not lead in a double or will kill the other team.

During the route I learned another thing about miss Luna Moon. She *absolutely* hates being behind someone and walking slow. She most certainly displays her *displeasure** Good thing I remembered to restock the bags in my pocket. An instructor drove by and stopped to help out as well.

Luna and stress or something she isn’t happy about equals *poop* yuck!!!

One great thing about the night time route was Luna did not stop to sniff or get distracted by the things she does during the day. Hmm, maybe I should just switch to going out at night? Hard to really say however since we weren’t going at our speed and such, but fair enough I think. My classmate felt comfortable and I was able to help them out so I feel good about that too.

Now tomorrow is the mall. I think I better bring some money because I have a feeling my dog will want to *shop*

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  1. Personally I think your dog just knows her handler will want to shop. 😛

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