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LD training11, pretty calm day

I am so glad that everyone is enjoying the Leader Dog entries. It has been absolutely fun sharing my experiences with you and look forward to sharing more. Tonights entry however is on the calm side.

Our morning started off with a gift. For those of you that read yesterdays training entry you know of the Lucky Charms. *chuckles* Jessica handed me a box of Lucky Charms at breakfast.

Luna was a bit out of sorts today and not sure if it was due to the heat or if she was pissed at me for once again not letting her have those Lucky Charms she really wants!

Today curbs were just not her friend. Dogs distracted her quite a bit and she blew quite a few curbs.

Now her country work was on point. She did a very good job there.

*whew* those overhangs though needs work. Someone need to really water those trees. *ow* they hurt when your trainer pokes you with them *chuckles*

I got Luna weighed this evening and she’s now sitting at 49.4. So she’s lost a little weight, but it it looks good on her. Sorry vets I know you wanted her to gain, but I think Luna has other plans. However she is still enjoying Fromms and hopefully soon I’ll be able to figure out her new *poop* schedule.

I’ll leave you with this:
After every meal Luna flips the bowl over and sniffs around looking for more food making sure that she didn’t miss a piece. Well, tonight she somehow managed to flip the bowl over and it landed on her head and then *snorted and growled* at it. *snickers* Sorry to say Luna no more food will fall out of the bowl that way!


  1. hahah, yeah she flips it all the time actually. But this was the first time she flipped it onto her head. She wasn’t too pleased with that, lol

  2. I’ve seen a dog search the bottom of the bowl, but never flip it over! That’s a new one!

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