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LD Training12 Night Time Walk with Wren and Christmas Lights

Good evening everyone!

For those receiving this via email there is a video in this entry. By now, wy the heck aren’t you subscribed to my channel, huh huh huh? You should know the routine if you’re not subscribed at

You’ve already heard from miss Wren for today, so this entry won’t be very long, smiles.

We did our night time route and Wren did one hell of a job!

Finally, there is a video of us working together and I’m hoping the person running the camera caught Wren looking back at me every time she wanted a treat so you get to see what I was talking about in the other post with her demanding her treats, lol.

For those that hoped I was feeling better, thank you, yes I’m doing ok. Was just having a day of seriously missing my boys and was just too emotional to work my girl today.

Ha, but she totally made me feel better by jumping all over me and giving me loads of doggy kisses and sitting on my head.

Yep, that’s my girl!


  1. May and Wren May and Wren

    She is one totally awesome girl! Once we learn to read each other very well. We will be more of an awesome team.

  2. Kim Schur Kim Schur

    So glad to see that you and Wren are working well together!

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