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LD Training Special Edition, Message from Wren

Hello doggy friends and I guess you human ones too!

I am Wren. You may have heard of me, yes? This human that I’m with now, she talks about me all the time. Well, at least I think she does. She also keeps calling me Luna. Like really, doesn’t she know what my name is? I am a very tiny black lab that weighs I think 50lbs they say, but who knows! My doggy day is July 3, 2018.

My human was feeling kind of sad today, so we didn’t go out this morning. But that’s ok I got to rest for a while and then I got to jump all over her to make her feel better.

Ha, and I got treats for that to. I got this human of my trained almost to my liking. She stil needs some work on giving me treats when I tell her I need them. She has this horrible habbit of say no no Wren, not yet. What’s all that about? Hmph, I work for treats!

Well, ok, I work because I love it to and she gives me all sorts of hugs and scratches on my belly. So I guess I’ll keep her. What do you think?

Hey, my human tells me that I get to see my family before puppy school and that’s exciting. I wonder if they will bring me treats too? She says I must be on my best behavior. Like duh, I’m nothing but a good girl. What does she take me for. If I’m bad, then I get no treats! Oh the work I have to do with this human of mine.

Oh, yes yes yes, she every now and then lets this little human say hi to me as well. She says that’s her little boy. I wonder if he’ll give me treats? He even gets my name right. I must try and get him to teach my human my name.

I will have 2 little humans to play with when we’re done here at Leader Dog. She says I will fit right in with the family. I’m full of energy just like they are.

My human says I’ll have to be careful with the little baby human and not play too rough and accidently hurt him or bite him. I don’t tries to, but I get sooooooo excited when I play. Lots of new changes coming my way. I hope they will keep going ok. I like this new human of mine so far even though she still needs work.

Well, I’m off to rest now before I have to go outside and then drag my human around for a night walk. Walk walk walk, I can’t wait. That means more treats for me!

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