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LD Training13 Oh No, It’s Friday the 13th

Welcome to the Friday the 13th edition of Leader Dog Training! Where anything can happened and make you wish you just hid uner your bed.

Oh wait, you can’t do that at Leader. So, I guess you have to hide in the closet instead!

I should have know that it would be a day I wish I buried myself back under my covers when the alarm went off.

As soon as the lovely Alexa alarm went off at 5:30AM, Wren decided that, hey woman, I need to go out, like now now now. No waiting, take me out and step on it!

Of course the demanding princess had to wait because there was no way in hell I was going outside in just a t-shirt and shorts. Was she crazy? She didn’t like the idea of waiting of grumbled the whole time she had to wait.

I finally get her outside and guess what?

Nothing! othing, absolutely nothing. She ran out there like her fur was on fire, spun around a few times and I was pretty sure she was going to give me a great pile of poop. But noooooo, she stopped and looked at me like, hey, what are we doing out here? There’s no one out here yet!

I threatened her with no treats after that and went back inside to get ready for the day, to which she promptly snorted at me. Like, yeah right human!

Who matched me with this dog anyways? Can I get a refund yet? lol.

Obstacles and the demented team leader Phil.
This mornings Friday the 13th fun was in downtown Rodchester and we were going to be working on obstacles. To which everyone was like, um, hey didn’t we have enough of those last night?

Sadly nope, that wasn’t enough. The dogs got practice at moving obstacles, meaning people and carts and dogs and bags and who knows what else wanted to jump in our way. But todays lesson was for those other annoying obstacles that don’t move, like overhangs and things that people put in your way to block the sidewalk.

Wren did one hell of a job at showing me everything! I did have to remind her that was we got in the grass to go around the obstacle that she needed to get back to the sidewalk, not stop and smell the bushes!

Linda and I were both wondering how it would go when Wren would have to take me through things that were on both sides where we’d have to zig and zag and wtist and turn due to the fact I sometimes still have a hard time reading her when she needs me to move right. As demanding as she is she hasn’t quite learned to just shove me over to get me to do what she wants.

However, when we got to the zigs and zags, we did it perfectly! I don’t know what we were doing differently, but I was able to read her and her me just fine. I was very proud of our work.

Well, during our obstacle course we also had to deal with the horrible demented driver Phil trying to run us over! He failed of course, ha!

There was one time that he completely came out of no where and shocked the hell out of me, and as he was dlriving by had the nerve to say

Try and out run me will ya?

Heheheheeh, Wren just did her job, stopped she was suppose to and snorted at him!

My girl definitely earned a few treats for that one.

Go Wren!

So, I know all of my updates have been up beat and full of laughs and fun, but just so you can also see that there can be some hard times as well here’s what happened after the morning training was over.

In my file and on the chart on the back of the room doors it is suppose to state that my room should be cleaned first so that way it was time to air out from whatever cleaning products they use since I have chemical sensativity. The smell may not be completely gone, but enough so that I can handle it without a major headache or something.

Well, today was the first day it went horribly wrong. I don’t know if they forgot and my room was done close to last or if when they were done the heat kicked on and stay on for a long time, but the moment I opened the back door to my room I knew I was in trouble. The smell hit me like a freight train and I instantly had a headache and got dizzy.

Unfortunately since I also had to park myself I couldn’t walk right back out and holding my breath that long wasn’t going to work either. So I left the back door opened so the cold air could come through and hopefully take out most of the smell so I could at least easily breathe in the room. Of course freeze too in the process.

I’ve had this condition for quite some time now and I’ve learned to just push through when things start to get bad, because face it, the world is not a scent free place and I can’t let it control me. So I try as long as I can to control it.

Unfortunately during lunch I knew I was going to lose. I had taken in way too much stuff that my head reacts to for smells and got super disorientated and had to miss out on the afternoon training. I haven’t had it that bad in a few weeks because as I said I fight it off as long as I can, but sometimes my body says enough is enough and forces me to take a break and sleep it off.

Definitely a bad ending to Friday the 13th.

Now onto Saturday and our trip to Detroit! See you tomorrow!

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  1. Annie Davis Annie Davis

    Boy, sounds like Friday the 13th at its craziest. Here’s hoping today and the rest of the week gets better:)

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