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My Sycamore Kindergarten Super Star

So let’s take a walk away from books just for a little while shall we?

Say hello to Jaydon my little Kindergartner! For those that already know of my little man, #BabyJ who’s not a baby any longer, can you believe he’s now 5 and a half and nearing the end of his first year of school? I definitely can’t! Man, don’t you feel old? Ha!

Jaydon started Sycamore Elementary last year and he absolutely loves it! In fact he gets upset when he can’t go to school for any reason except for break days when he ends up at another school to have fun for a few days or soon to come, 2 weeks for his spring break. Yes, you read that correctly, Jaydon gets 2 weeks for spring break! Now how fair is that?

Sycamore is actually a year round school or as they call it here in Holt, Balanced School and it is the perfect fit for Jaydon. Sycamore is a terrific school with absolutely wonderful caring staff! Here’s hoping that as Jaydon grows that the great communication and helpfulness of them all continues!

So, when I was preparing to enter Jaydon into kindergarten I was a bit worried because emotionally he just wasn’t ready for that environment, but academically he definitely was ready. OMG, what to do? Yeah, lots of worrisome nights when school started and loads of phone calls too. I was definitely ready for that padded cell and a truck load of tissues because the first few months were rough!

Academically he was a super star, but emotionally and behaviorally he was a nightmare, lol. But thanks to the patience of his teachers and his principal we survived and now I barely hear from them unless I reach out to them just to make sure all is going well. I definitely prefer it that way!

Ha, speaking of his teacher. I think Jaydon learned how to say his teacher’s name before I did! Probably not something I should have admitted, lol. Her name is Mrs. Washeleski. But shhhh, don’t tell I still have trouble remembering his other teachers name, but it’s one he also learned before me.

We just had the second parent teacher conference and Jaydon is doing great! He is flying through kindergarten with flying colors. He has just a few more goals to meet before school ends, but I have no doubt he will reach them. Our only concern is getting Jaydon to understand that he doesn’t have to have a cow when he doesn’t get picked to do something. Whew, hard thing to learn as a 5 year old, don’t you think?

His best subjects are math and science and since October, his reading has improved lots! At home he use to just read things to me letter by letter. Now he’ll actually read what things say! Yay Jaydon! I’m so proud of him!

Jaydon my Sycamore Super Star!

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