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Holy cow it’s April

Wow, welcome to April! Like where has this year gone? Wasn’t it just January? I’m of mixed minds about someone pressing the slow down button so the year stops flying by, 🙂

It’s been about 5 months since I wrote last and I seriously need to get back into updating, but life keeps getting in the way, but writing is very helpful and something I need lately as well as loads more things, lol.

1, My new job is still going well, definitely overwhelming at times, but going well. It is for sure that mental challenge I needed to keep me from getting bored with working and waiting for the day to be over or worse yet, not wanting to be at work at all.

However, i am glad when the day is over, but that’s more due to brain is exhausted, lol and not do to boredom. There are days when the day is over that I fall into bed and have to fight not to go to sleep at 4:30 in the afternoon.

2, Due to my job I am trying to establish connections in the area where my job is so that way it’s not such a hardship financially. Great job for my health, but hard on the pocket right now. Looking into moving by the summer of 2025 to make things a bit easier, but in the meantime I’m pulling out my hair trying to keep up financially comfortably that is.

3, Next and another very important, working on getting my new puppy. Oh how I miss having a puppy with me. As a brief recap, Wren, my LD girl had to be put to sleep in October of last year due to an illness we just could not figure out and she just wasn’t getting better, but worse the more I tried to hold on. I feel so bad.

4, my late resolution this year is to learn how to finally say no to people that keep coming around and speaking to me only when they need something. Anyone have a clue on how to Just Say No?

Anyways, that’s all from here for now. Need to get back to work work and more work and one day, sleep!

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