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Never Again by Julie C. Gilbert

Breaking up is hard to do and accepting it can be even worse for some. Just ask Nathan from

Never Again, Defining Moments, Book 1


Julie C Gilbert

Nathan absolutely refuses to accept that Alana is done with him. Flowers and gifts wouldn’t win her back so he figures killing her best friend Jacob would be best.

Like seriously dude, that is so not going to win her back either. What are you thinking? Oh wait, you weren’t that’s why you have no girlfriend!

That awesome brief summary grabbed my attention so I just had to get the book and see how things turned out.

This is a pretty short audiobook and the breakup happens right at the beginning, so no needing to wait for that action. Nathan is caught right out the gate kissing a not really blonde, blonde and trying to act like it really isn’t anything. No no, it’s not what it looks like, honest!

For this story the narrator

Jarret Lemaster

does a pretty good job at showing Nathan as the creepy stalker type that gets worse as each day goes by. He also has the right type of energy for Jacob, the funny protective best friend of Alana. However, for the female characters, his voice tone is just not right for the overly dramatic. His voice is too deep for that, šŸ™‚

This was a pretty good short story. It showed you just enough of each character and situation to keep you interested in the storyline and their interaction with each other and what may happen next, but not too much sappy, drama, super stalkerness to make you want to run away tossing your hands in the air if that’s not your cup of tea.

I was absolutely surprised at the ending and if it was a book I could throw I would have. Seriously, end it there? Like what happened to the stalker jerk? Going to leave me hanging, really? I’m going to have to have words with this author, lol.

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