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A Quick Long Overdue Update About Kalvin

Wow, are you all wondering how my youngest monster is doing? It’s been a whole year or a little more than that since I’ve actually wrote about him. Shame shame on me! Such a slacker!

Kalvin, known as my little snowman is almost 21 months old. yes, you read that right! How time flies. The pregnancy that would never end and that was a complete nightmare has turned into a 20 month old handsome little boy!

The last you heard about Kalvin he was 8 months old

So, lets catch you up shall we?

Kalvin started walking right before Thanksgiving which was right before he turned 11 months old. If I’m remembering correctly he beat his brother Jaydon in that one, smiles. Better watch out because another little terror is on the loose!

Sadly the world decided to start falling apart after Kalvin turned 1 and I haven’t had time to write and this has led to missing a lot of cool moments with the little guy.

Such as Kalvin having fun dancing to one of his favorite shows T.O.T.S and if you listen closely you can catch that big brother of his singing in the background, lol. Oh yes, we can’t forget about the great squeaky shoes! This was about 4 months ago when Kalvin was 16 months old.

Trust me, there’s loads more cute moments like that. The problem is now the little bugger won’t let us record him, lol. He stops singing or dancing. Hmm, that seems awfully familiar. Another little boy did that same thing, ***cough cough*** Jaydon!
No worries, one day the parents shall win, mahahahahahahah!

Well, in August this year we changed the boys to an actual daycare center and the cool thing about it is that it’s a daycare, headstart and an early headstart location. Couldn’t ask for anything better, smiles.

So, now we’re to the present time and Kalvin is in his first year of early headstart and absolutely loves it. One of his teachers says he is doing very very well. He babbles away at them all day and is learning how to share with the other kids in his class.

For those of you that follow me on facebook or twitter have seen a recent picture of him. Right now as mentioned he is almost 21 months old and looks like he is 3. Yes, again you read that correct. I have another tall little boy on my hands. I’m thinking Kalvin is going to be the big little brother and end up showing Jaydon who’s boss!

Right now Jaydon and Kalvin wear almost the same size in clothes that we have to be careful that their clothes don’t end up together since it’s hard to tell which outfit belongs to which boy, hahahah.

Ok, I think that’s all for now and I will definitely try not to let another year go by before letting you know about Kalvin the snowman, smiles.

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  1. Thanks again for the update may. I love your writing

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