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Have a brief update and a video of Wren

Whew, what a year it has been. I really hope next year will be better. I mean this year had some good points to which I will get to, but wow, I’ll be glad when 2020 is over.

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Lets start with miss Wren and I shall we?

Wren and I reached our one year mark on December 3rd. I can’t believe I’ve been with my precious girl for a year already. We haven’t gotten to work too much this year with all this covid mess going on, but when I do work her she still does an awesome job. She still demands treats and pouts when I don’t give them to her when ***she*** thinks she should get them.

From Wren
snort snort. I am super dog, princess Wren, I should get my treats. I’m a good puppy! And what’s with the humans taking away my fun right when I got to meet some new friends? sniff sniff. I sit at work all day and do nothing but sit under a desk and my human finally takes me to school with her and I get to run around and meet new people. Then poof, it’s gone. Why is it gone?

A question Wren that sadly has no good answer. People figure it’s in our best interest if they take away our practical for school.

So, for those that may not know I am in school for massage therapy as well as working. Whew, it definitely makes for long days. Work during the day and school right after that until 10PM makes a very tired me. We just finished week number 4.

Wren and I attend Douglas J Aveda Institute and as promised here’s a video of Wren meeting the massage class. It is rather amusing!

From Wren
Hey, someone should tell those humans that that school floor is slippery to play on. snort sniff snort! And what does a girl have to do get some water, hmm?

Ha, in other news. I finally after a little over a year got my security clearance at work! Yay! Now all I’m waiting for is the next training class to start so that I can move to another section at work. Unfortunately it’s looking like that part won’t happen into sometime next year. The job is going great and I still love going and hainging out with my co-workers even though all the darn scented products are killing me. Like wow!

Loads more to write about, but it looks like there’s a now cranky Kalvin so must go see what that’s all about. I’ll try not to take so long writing the next entry!

From wren
Hey you silly human you forgot to tell people that the snow is coming. It is it is and I will get to play in it. wag wag wag!

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