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Unboxing and setup of my new galaxy watch 4

Sorry this is being posted again due to the fact the world decided to eat my blog this morning.

Good day everyone!

It has been a long time since I’ve said anything, but here I am. I’m coming to you today with my first attempt at a podcast so please forgive my minor mistakes, smiles.

This will be my unboxing and setup of the LTE galaxy watch 4 to the Pixel 4A android phone.

1. When turning on talkback it is actually just placing 2 fingers on the screen and holding until it tells you talkback is ready and not a 2 finger double tap and hold.
2. In the beginning I forget to mention which button turns on the watch. That will be the home button which is the top button if you are holding the watch and the buttons are on the right side.
3. The galaxy 4 that is being set up is a LTE version.
4. Finally, please excuse the background noise. Jerry and I were setting up our watches at the same time and in the beginning you can hear him.

If you have any questions or comments please by all means, speak up!


  1. May Anderson May Anderson

    Yep, it is user friendly. I like it actually over the IWatch.

  2. Thank you, I was using the WordPress app, and with VoiceOver, it doesn’t seem to be available in the app. I clicked open in Safari, and in the web view, I was easily able to see the play button. I loved listening to the podcast, the watch sounds very user-friendly

  3. May May

    The podcast is part of the post, it’s not a link. You should see a play button.

  4. Where did you put your podcast? I can’t see a link to it on this post. Sorry if it’s on one of the other places that you post stuff. I’m just really interested into how accessible this watch might be, I am using Apple, because I didn’t even though I even had any other options when it came to watches with screenreaders

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