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halfway there!

April is half over and guess what, so is this pregnancy! Week 20, my little mango!

Now i totally forgot to mention in my last update that there was a change in the eviction date. TSKTSK, my poor doctor made a booboo! The date is now August 29 instead of August 24. Good thing I brought up the topic, lol.

me, We picked a date for the due date, but we didn’t pick a time.
doctor, What date did we choose?
me, August 24
doctor, I picked that date?
me, Yep, you sure did *chuckles*
doctor, oh, what was I thinking?
me, erm, I don’t know!
doctor, oh dear, we better change that.

So, unless this little hell raiser of mine has other plans his entry into the world is now the last Monday of the month. He has been informed of his new eviction date and as of today he has 133 days to torture me!

Baby J has started the jumping around stage and *wow* I’ve forgotten how that feels when you first start feeling it. Sadly it’s still apparently too light for daddy to feel, but it’s only a matter of time. But if you ask me I think it’s because daddy is too busy tickling my tummy and tapping on it that he just misses when J answers him, lol.

Well, that’s all for this update. Time to take my baby vitamin and find something for my little guy and I to eat. So until next time!

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