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stubborn smart and shy?

Welcome to week 21! My little banana has 18 weeks to go!

So, today was our ultrasound to see how the little bundle of joy is doing and I thought all would be ok since I gave him one of his favorites to start the day off, *apple juice* This worked for a while. He was happily jumping and kicking around and enjoying his treat.

That didn’t last long!

You know how you have to drink loads and loads of water before an ultrasound and curse a lot since you really have to pee, but can’t?Well, apparently all that water diluted the apple juice and the ultrasound that was suppose to be only a few minutes ended up taking nearly *30* minutes! Have a guess why?

The thought of having a baby that already shows loads of smarts and huge bouts of stubbornness is a very very scary thought indeed!

The moment I got on the table Jaydon switched gears and showed us how stubborn he can be.

We first wanted to see if baby J would be nice and let us see what sex he is even though we already knew the answer. Hhahahahahahaha, he was having none of that! That’s my privates and you can’t see…how rude! The tech tried for at least 5 minutes before giving up and moving on to other pictures.

But, baby J the hellion did not make those pictures easy for her. No no no, he made her work for each one. Anything she tried for he’d move away or turn around so she had to try again, smiles.

Now the funny part happened near the end of the ultrasound. This little boy of mine showed how smart he already is and the trouble that we are soooooo going to be in when he enters the world, lol.

The tech was holding the camera thing in the same spot for a while and Jaydon happened to kick or move or whatever right where the camera was so I asked her what she saw. Hahahah, she told me that baby J just moved and had his hands covering his face!

Again says baby J, this is mine mine mine and you can’t have that picture!

So I thought of maybe trying to bribe the little monkey with the hotdog we were getting after the ultrasound would work or maybe more apple juice….*nope* he was having none of that.

Fine, I decided to outsmart my smart banana and told the tech to hurry and try and look at his privates while he was busy covering his face. Hahahahahah, and it worked. We got the second confirmation that baby J is a boy!

Ah, but, my oh so sweet, stubborn, smart boy was *not* pleased with that trickery!

The tech went back to try for his face again and after a few kicks/slaps and flips baby J was then face down and made it even harder to get a picture of his face!

Smart, shy and stubborn? Yep, that’s my boy and I think all of our friends and family better start sending us well wishes come August 29, hahahah.

I have now hopefully made him happy again with apple juice and corn dogs. So, until next time!

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