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My little sweet potato

Week 18, my little sweet potato!

Whew, it’s been 4 weeks already since the last baby J update. How time flies when you’re having fun!

We had our baby checkup yesterday and before the appointment I bribed the little bugger with his favorite food, *watermelon* hahahahah! I wanted to make sure that we got to hear the heartbeat this time. It worked too! Go me! Now I know what to do before every doctors appointment, lol.

So i definitely have the baby belly now. The words that came out of the nurses mouth when she got ready to put the machine on my stomach was “wow, look at that baby belly!:

I’m going to try and get a video out soon so everyone can see what I look like now compared to when I was 10 weeks along at the last one. The shirts that I like to wear right now don’t even come close to covering my stomach, just wow!

So anyways, baby j’s heart rate this visit was at 158 and beating strong. We even got to hear a few little kicks as well. Unlike last time where he was pissy and we got nothing but kicks, lol.

We have an ultrasound appointment on the 25th just to see how everything is looking and maybe get another heartbeat recording, smiles.

Remember we also have the weight game going so get your guesses in now. I’m currently sitting at 168 pounds.

So until next time!

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