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Life with Lacey

How is life with Lacey going?

It’s actually not going that bad. For a dog that’s suppose to be so hard to handle she’s doing very well. It’s been almost two weeks and she is much better than she was on day one.

Every once in a while she will put me to the test to see what she can get away with, but it seems not as much as what she’s doing to poor James, *smiles* Those two are still playing who is top dog. Power struggle and who will be the winner? *grins*

At least in the house she is doing very well with the sit, down and stay commands which she had to learn especially when it’s food time. Now outside is a totally different story at times. Watch out if she really wants something.

Lacey sit.

Person walks by, “oo hi, want to play with me? Let me sniff you”

No, Lacey sit.

Another few seconds goes by and then a nice dog comes along. “oo, now I know I get to say hi to that dog, *growl, bark, wag wag*

The joys of having a new dog eh?

She’s also gotten very good at go to bed. This was taught to her for bed time and for when we need to leave the house and she can’t have free run of the place. James and I better figure out how the heck to get that crate to be Lacey proof. She’s a Noah jr. and can magically escape the thing. I think Noah is telling her his tricks.

She’s had two accidents in the house, but those came after really long play times and not taking her out right after and that was early on. No others so far. At least that we’ve found.

She’s still learning that she is not to jump at noah if she wants to play with him, but I think she’s getting it. Today was the first day they played together for a long time without James or I having to put her to bed for being bad. *laughs* they actually wore each other out by playing which is a first.

Hopefully this weekend we can start working on taking her for short walks. Will need to give that some thought seeing that Lacey is still giving James a little trouble. I’m curious to see if she’s a squirrel chaser like my boy Noah.

Anyways, that’s all for now. More about Lacey and Noah another day.


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  1. james james

    With Lacey I think it’s gonna be cats, actually. She wanted to go after one when I took her out yesterday evening. Thank you, random sighted one, for informing me.

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