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My first week at Carleton University

Wow, I managed to make it through my first week of class and it wasn’t too bad after all. It was a bit overwhelming for me, but I enjoy it.

i still have no idea what I was thinking to take my first ever university course during the summer when it’s quite intense. I have my first assignment due on Wednesday and it’s a writing assignment. *sighs sadly* I hate writing. Well, writing for school work that is, ha!

Then I have a mid-term May 26th, second assignment june 4th and the final June 11th. All of these I have to write write write. *cries* why me?

Childhood in the Global Context so far is turning out to be a class of debating. This past week a couple of topics definitely got the blood flowing for some people.

1. Should parents vaccinate their children?
2. child brides

After a long road I think I finally found the right direction I need to go school wise. This class and my class mates will be very interesting. Now to try and figure out this first assignment I must write.

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