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Enemy Closer by Onia Fox

OMG, Jessica is heading back to Turkey! This definitely can’t end well was the thought that went through my head when I read the description of

Enemy Closer

What trouble will she get herself into this time? Has she grown up any?

Onia Fox

brings you another action packed story that will have you wanting to read from beginning to end in one sitting. Ok, well, it did me! And to answer the questions I wrote above, nope, Jessica most certainly did not grow up! just like in the first book I was left wanting to shake some sense into her a great deal of the time especially when there’s moments that are serious and you think she should show some empathy. But ha, nope, Jessica shows that when Jessica wants too. That’s what makes her who she is, right? lol.

You will definitely see more of Jessica sex craved and jealous sides more in this story than you did the first time around. Like seriously, Jessica gets mad if her husband shows any attention to his working partner and expects him to do nothing when she does, shakes my head

In fact, this story is more based around the job everyone is doing, but the whole cast of characters goes between flirting one moment and professional the next.

One part during the story I just had to groan out loud and if I could have been the men, I would have thrown things at her too, ha. It happens during the time Jessica is on the ship and is singing.

Just like in the first story

Rebecca Fairnie

does a great job in narrating. Jessica is the character that still gets the most emotion behind her, however, you can still hear the liveliness in the other characters as she is reading.

Jessica is the character that makes me want to take her over my knee and give her a good spanking, but sadly I think she’d enjoy it way too much. I look forward to more adventures from Jessica if there are any!

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