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A Creation of Yesterday by dl fletcher

To another good author friend

D.L Fletcher

here’s that book review you thought I forgot about, smiles, or even worse thought I was afraid to give due to a bad review, tsktsk.

Sadly, health reasons got in the way so I fell behind and just now able to catch up.

Finally readers, here is the book review for the second book in the Creation Series

A Creation of Yesterday

Once again have those box of tissues nearby because there are some points that will have you crying.

This book is a bit different than book one. There’s lots more sexual vibes and jealousy in this one and the author doesn’t show the story from the different characters perspective like in the first story. however, it is still a great book to read that is full of twists and turns.

One of those twists and turns had to do with Cami’s mother and father. That part had me thinking, yay, Cami can meet her mother, and then the next wondering who her real father is. Whew, what a moment!

I do have to say that I soooo wanted to reach through the book and strangle Cami during a few scenes There were those times that you could see she was just asking for trouble and she knew it, but did it anyways! I went from holding my breath to crying to cursing her all in the space of a few minutes! Bah, she nearly made me pull my hair out!

Once again the narrator

Heidi Bindhammer

does a great job. She really brings the moments to life for you especially during the emotional scenes.

If you have not read this series yet, then go check it out!

I received this book for free from my good author friend D.L. Fletcher and this review is late, but given freely, smiles.

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