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Umlac’s Legacy by Jim Meeks-Johnson

Welcome to book 2 in the Entangled Galaxy Series.

Umlac’s Legacy

written by

Jim Meeks-Johnson

This one was absolutely great! I enjoyed it a lot more than I did the first book. Spies, betrayals and new friendships!

Umlac’s Legacy is full of action that will have you at the edge of your seat one moment then letting out a sigh of relief the next. Ha, just to have you biting your nails wondering how the hell did that happen all over again!

Sadly there’s another blasted Dasypod that I wanted to strangle. I thought Ironside was bad, but oh no, this one had to be worse and his name is Silver Streak. Just OMG! Stick him in a closet somewhere. Ok, well Jade did try to keep him out of her hair, but sadly that didn’t work so well. He definitely caused her some problems and at the absolute worse moment too.

Seriously, something needs to be done about Jade and her sexual feelings for Kiolo. She gets so easily distracted either by him or his likeness and it throws her off her stride for a few. Put them in the first space closet or something and let them have at it for a few hours.

Once again one of my favorites and friend

AC Oliver

is the narrator and does one hell of a job! I found it amusing listening to the different variations of

Jade, Shoggart Slayer! Umlac’s Rightful Heir,Submit to me or Die!

My guess is while Jade was trying to figure out what best to say when taking over a planet, AC Oliver was trying to figure out which voice best fits?

Hmm, in my opinion the one that’s just below your creepy kick ass voice fits best for that phrase and not the breathy one, smiles.

Of course that could all change with the next book because Jade could decide to add more to her take over the world phrase. For example,

Jade, Shoggart Slayer! Umlac’s Rightful Heir,Submit to me or Die 1,000 Bites!

Another thing that caught my attention this book was that one of the voices for Horgrams war people sounds sooooo familiar, rangerlike that it drives me crazy every time I hear it because I can’t narrow down who it reminds me of, lol.

Anyways, looking forward to book 3 where there will be another annoying dasypod so I’ve been told. Where’s my rope!

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