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Leader Dogs pre-class phone call


One step closer!

I received the other call I’ve been waiting for…finding out who my instructor will be that gets to torture me for 26 days.

I was just saying this morning while making my plans for the day that it would be totally awesome if Leader would call me. *chuckles* I got my wish right in the middle of grocery shopping! This means of course I left the shopping to James and who knows what he ended up putting in the cart.

So, who is my instructor?

I am lucky enough to get the one who absolutely refuses to tell me what type of dog I’m getting early, *sighs* I mean how mean is that? I even asked nicely too, *chuckles* but she still said no.

Ah well, *smiles* looking forward to meeting Jessica Bimmermann in about 8 days.

Now, is it time to fly yet?

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