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Am I getting another dog?

As I mentioned in a previous post it’s not easy retiring a dog at the best of times. A little over a week ago I had no choice put to retire Noah because I found out he had cancer. It was quite a blow and a shock. I took it extremely hard and blamed myself and wondered if I could have done anything different to prevent this. No, I’m still not over the shock, but I’m also not beating myself up. That’s a little progress.

Well, the purpose of this post is to address the question I keep getting asked, “am I getting another dog?”

I didn’t realize how much this question bugged me until Noah. I think it bugs me more this time because Noah had to retire due to illness. But I’ve seen that since Noah that although people mean well, some people just don’t think before asking this question.

I had one person ask me 1 minute, yes I said 1 minute after I handed Noah over to the vet tech from Canadian Guide Dogs I had to fight really hard not to snap at or hit the person that asked. I just handed off my dog and you saw me hand him over and how upset I am, why ask, “so are you getting another dog?”

Now over the last week I’ve been asked this question over and over, but the timing of the question wasn’t as thoughtless, but still hard to take. Also, the ones that have asked over the past week remember to ask about how “I’m” doing before falling right in with that dreaded question.

So, to answer the question, “am I getting another dog” the answer is yes. Sadly though I’m having to also pick a backup school just in case Canadian Guide Dogs doesn’t have a match for me before I throw my cane under a train or the next winter.

In doing research I didn’t realize how many schools use “guidedogs” as their domaine name. Talk about confusing.

I have started the guide dog journey already and one huge reason is Canadian Guide Dogs where I’d love to get my next pup is a small school and they are seasonal. Come December or the first huge snow they close up shop until Spring. So I needed to start things rolling just in case I get lucky and another match comes up before then. The other is even with bigger schools there’s the application process which can take a while. By the time there’s a match for me I’ll emotionally be ready to give the new dog my attention. I can only do this part in stops and starts since I start crying all over again, *sighs*

There are several schools I’m looking at, the top one being Guide Dogs for the Blind and much to my surprise I actually already have my phone interview on Wednesday afternoon. I’m also thinking of Guide Dog Foundation The biggest reason I’m looking at these 2 schools is that they have a short class time and I won’t have to miss too much school. I know more from GDB than I do GDF and so far I’m able to learn more about GDB, so yeah, looking like it may end up the backup school.

so, I’ve answered your question of “am I getting a new dog?” I’ll keep you up to date on how things are going. Unlike with Noah I can blog about this process and what I think and feel and shhhhh, don’t tell the new dog, but compare him or her to Noah.

I know, I know, not suppose to do that, but well, you know.

Thanks again to everyone that have been supportive during this time. I greatly appreciate it and Noah if someone reads this to you, I love and miss you!


  1. It’s actually strange looking around this time. my first dogs came from the Seeing Eye and I didn’t look at other schools but did loads of research on it.

    When things fell apart with them and I moved to Ottawa it was a split decision. School’s here and I don’t feel like traveling.

    This time however I know people from just about everywhere. I don’t want to travel, but this time if I have to, then I’m doing my homework. So watch out. I’ll be picking your brain a little later. You’ll have to tell me why you say GDB is second to no one, *smiles*

  2. Martin Collicott Martin Collicott

    Good idea to look around, but I think that you will find GDB second to no one.
    Sorry to read about Noah. I lost my first guide in January and it still hurts like hell.

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