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Love always Prince Noah

Retiring a dog is the hardest thing to do in the best of circumstances. But having to say bye to one due to illness, cancer at that is so much harder for me.

This morning I got my final visit with my awesome Prince Noah and it tore my heart into a thousand pieces. It made it even harder cause he was so excited to be home and play with his toys, cover the floor in water and act like the nut he is. But he definitely was still not Noah. Andrew, the trainer that brought him by said even just looking at him you can tell something was wrong.

Noah has been one hell of a guide dog that I received shortly after moving to Ottawa and it will just not be the same without him.

Not quite 3 years and I already had to let him go. Neither of us agreed to this deal.

When I reminded him of our agreement of lasting until he was 11, he rewarded me by beating me with his tail, *sniffs* what a dog.

I then told him he had to tell Canadian Guide Dogs to hurry and find me another dog just as good as he was and he snorted at me…Guess he didn’t like that idea?

My Shout Sister dancing Noah I will love you always and wish we didn’t have to say good-bye. But now this chapter in our life has come to an end and I send you on your way with loads of love and dog food.

as for me I guess it’s time to start on a new dog journey as I curse this blasted cane!

May and Prince Noah one last time

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