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GDB phone interview

Well, this afternoon I completed the next step on my new guide dog journey.

This afternoon i had my phone interview with Guide Dogs for the Blind and it was pretty painless.

Patty kuehn is the person I spoke with and seemed very nice. The questions were pretty standard about where I go, my health, if I can afford to take care of a dog, things like that. I did discover though that it’s very hard trying to pick a route and describe it over the phone. Usually I just get up and go and don’t think about it. But in the end all went well and I’m on to the next step along my journey. Making sure medical reports and mobility reports get over to the school and waiting for that awesome home visit.

The paperwork is easy and I can get that done next week and faxed back over to them.

The hardest part now will be waiting for the home interview which could be up to 8 weeks away, *sighs*

Now that I got the process started and mentally keep telling myself it’s time to prepare for that new dog I don’t want to wait, lol.

So, GDB grads, stop being strangers, what the heck is the home visit like. Those that live in Canada, spill your guts about Chuck!


  1. Oh no! He’s a sports guy? ok, so keep him far away from James during my visit, got it, lol.

    Well, here’s hoping the time comes sooner rather than later. My cane won’t last too long. There’s a train with the canes name on it, *smiles*

  2. Home interview is pretty painless, I’m sure it will be. He comes, asks you a few questions while you sit and chat, preferences, all that good stuff, and asks you if you have any questions for him. He might talk about the two-week class and how it works, stuff like that. then you go for a walk. Usually on the outbound way you cane it, and on the way back you juno it. Then he usually asks you how you think that route went, you usually have a pretty good sense of how he feels about it, and then he sort of tells you how long it will take to know their answer, shakes your hand, and that’s that. He’s a very professional guy, but he likes to joke around. I know he and Steve talked sports for a while when I had my home interview.

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