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Would you like cauliflower with that?

We made it to the final stretch! Welcome to week 28, the last trimester! Would you like cauliflower with that?

For those that receive the entries via email there is a video in this entry. You know the drill, smiles, Thanks to our Aunt Sharolyn the video has been corrected and is no longer sideways, lol.

Results of the sugar tolerance test
If you remember from the last update I mentioned that I had to do the 3 hour version of the sugar tolerance test, just bleh! As I said I think they like torturing me and making me drink that horrible orange drink!

For those of you that have never had to drink this here’s what may be as close as I can make it for you to understand. Think of the orange crush and then add sugar. If it’s not sickly sweet, then add more sugar! Gross right? Now imagine drinking that on an empty stomach and it has to be all gone between 5 to 15 minutes. Both my stomach and baby J was like….don’t like this, not at all!

Now I did this test last Monday. I couldn’t eat anything from midnight until after the test. In the end it was a little over 13 hours before we had food. Do you know how pissed off my little guy was?

From baby J
I’s was not happies! Mommy is suppose to feeds me when I says so, not makes me starve! I’m a growing boy in here you know! I kicks and pokes and pokes some mores but she still no feeds me.

Now if I would have failed this lovely 3 hour nightmare I would have had to poke myself 4, count them, 4 times a day! NO WAY! Luckily though all came back ok and baby J and I are just fine, smiles. No more torturing us with no food for hours on end! Now if I can just get him to understand that food won’t be withheld so he stops trying to immediately make me sick when he says he’s ready for food, lol. Any ideas?

Braxton Hicks?
What the heck, braxton hicks! Where did those come from? i did not have those with my other 2 monsters. What, what what!

I explain what I was feeling to my doctor and she immediately said…that’s normal!

What, that’s not normal. I did not have these before, lol. Once again our little guy is out doing his siblings and making this pregnancy totally different. Of course I was told I don’t have anything to worry about unless I start getting them about 4 times a hour i think she said. Um, how about can we not have them at all/ lol.

Baby J’s room
As I mention above sorry if the video looks sideways. I guess the IPhone didn’t want to switch over to landscape mode. Not many people told us it’s sideways, but just in case, sorry, smiles.

I mentioned at the last update that we got him a 7 in 1 crib. Well, thanks to our neighbor Jason it was put together on Sunday and looks awesome! So, his room is pretty much all ready for him. Just need a few more things to finish it up, but for now have a look!

What’s your guess?
Well, the weight guessing game is just about out of participants, lol. So I think we will be starting the weight guessing game over with round 2, smiles. So get your second round guess in now! We have about 11 weeks to go and I am currently sitting at 181 pounds! Holy hell! Can you believe that?

Well, I think that’s all for this update. The next will be around July 1. So until then have a great week and try and keep cool wherever you are!

Remember if you’d like to get something for baby J please get in touch for our address or go through our amazon baby registry.


  1. May May

    lol, yes it does have a strange name. According to my doc they get stronger as time gets closer. Holy hell! They are strong enough already, lol.

  2. Hehehe I’d never heard of those Braxton Hicks things until Steve’s sister had them. When mom told me the name for them, Steve said that name sounded like a name you might find slapped on some high school athlete or something. I forget what exactly he said but it made me laugh. Glad you passed the nasty orange juice test.

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