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with friends like these

It may come a time in your life when you don’t have close family members to count on and you may need those trusted friends to step in during a bad situation. But, what happens when those so called trusted friends ends up turning on you at the worse possible time?

A mother and father sadly had to end up in the hospital at the same time and had to quickly make arrangements for their 2 year old daughter. They asked a friend if they could please look after her and the lady friend agreed.

Now, the next day just hours before the mother has to go into surgery the lady friend calls and states that they must find other arrangements for their daughter because their husband complained about how their anniversary was ruined and the child should have gone to CPS.

What the hell? I don’t know about you, but a comment like that would have gotten my partner or spouse a slap across the face What kind of thing is that to say about a child and to friends that are going through a hard time and you are suppose to be their friend?

ok, it was your anniversary so maybe to start with you could have said no, I’m sorry we can’t due to other plans if your anniversary is that important to you over the well-being of your friends and their child. Maybe they don’t have children of their own and that time is special after all, but doing it the way it was done is just unbelievable!

Then, then, to make it worse the husband had the balls to say the child should have just gone to cps! That leads me to wonder if these people really are their friends to begin with. No, the lady friend didn’t say these things, but she didn’t knock some sense into her husband. If they don’t have kids and ever plan on having them what does this say about him as a father figure? better re-think having kids with him then. if they do have kids and for him to say something like that about another child it makes me feel sorry for them if something ever happens and God forbid he needs help.

My best to the family that is currently going through this and to those so called friends of theirs I hope you’re filled with guilt for a long time over your recent actions.


  1. This is one of those cases that the people better be glad I don’t know there names, although I do know the ladies first name, and second of all, they had better be glad I don’t bring this up on a show, but if cindy does, all bets are off, as I won’t hold back! you know, it is so sad to see that there are parents out there that truly don’t care about, or take care of there kids, and then you have parents like cindy and matt, that do care, and do take care of there kids, but yet, they are the ones going threw stuff like this. this is a perfect case where someone is abusing the CPS system. People can just call in annonimusly, and complay about parents with no remorse, and no actions taken against them if they are doing false complaints. this is a perfect case where CPS needs to be examined, and some of there rules changed.

  2. I debated whether or not to post anything at first, because I am the mother which the wonky lynx speaks of in this entry. To answer questions that may arise with this news, I am resting well in the hospital still, or, at least as well as can be given, this issue on top of it. I have pain at the site of incision and at the site of the previously full of stones gall bladder, but that’s to be expected. All other vital signs are good. Oh, and as I write this, it loos like I need a new bag of IV fluids. That said, I have a couple of things to add to this. 1. This issue was initially talked about on a post that I had published to … my friends, on Facebook. Really? Really? My poor mother felt like we were being made fools of! 2. It gets worse. The person had told my mother that if she didn’t get down here and get Cerenity, that she would be turned over to Child Protective Services. You have got to be kidding me! This is a situation we could not help! The mother here, had to have her gall bladder removed, and the father found out that, on top of his many health issues, he has pancreatitis! Does someone want to tell me what sounds wrong with all this? Or, am I crazy and is this reaction of my so-called friend, to the emergency the parents found themselves in perfectly fine?

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