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The wind tries to kill me

OMG, being tiny is horrible when it’s a very windy day. Friday morning whew I had got the adventure of a lifetime.

Around 11AM I locked the door and headed out to meet James at Algonquin College so that we could head off to have lunch at our favourite place, Denny’s

The weather claimed that it was 16c, 60f outside so I didn’t bother grabbing a jacket. I’d regret that decision later, *grumbles*

Stepped out the door and locked up all was great, but whew as soon as I turned from our sidewalk onto the walk in front of our house the wind said, “hi there…lets play.” Uh oh, I’m in for some fun! The wind kept trying to blow me sideways into the street every few steps.

The first time the wind tried to kill me was by blowing a dumpster lid the rest of the way open right as I got close enough. Luckily for me I heard the chain shaking and stepped aside or I would have been knocked out. Did the wind stop there? Oh no! It didn’t get me with the first trap it will try with the next dumpster and blew it down right in front of me, *yipes* Quickly hop out of the way of that one.

The wind wasn’t done with me yet. I was trying to cross the next corner when the wind blew really hard and nearly blew me into the path of an on-coming bus. *gasp* Shit! Sorry young readers, but that was a close one and definitely made my heart stop. Here’s where I started thinking maybe I should turn back and go home before I die out here. But onward I went cursing the wind the whole way to the bus stop.

Finally I get on my first bus, no thanks to the wind that didn’t want me to get on and prepare myself for round two with the wind. I’ll skip over the part while I’m waiting on the second bus since the wind didn’t try and kill me then just blew crap at me and all that fun stuff.

Now, here’s where the fun starts again once I reach Algonquin College. I get off the bus and try to cross the street and the wind says no way, you really want to stay on this curb. *grumble, curse, try again* Get to the other side and just about to step on the curb when guess what?

Yep, the wind picked me up and blew me a few steps back into the street. *growls* Good thing the bus didn’t decide to move yet or the car that was waiting.

I finally get on the opposite curb and continue fighting with the wind to get to the main campus doors. I’m being blown this way and that, into poles, rails, trash cans and nearly a wall before I finally reached the doors.

Whew, safe, I made it. Time to get out of this blasted wind. i reached for the door and . . .


The wind decided to help me out and blew me right into the edge of the door. I didn’t need that nose anyway!

I really think I should have just stayed home! Really, it just wasn’t meant for me to be going out and trying to you know go find food. Anyone have some extra weight they don’t want? I could surely use it!



  1. Yeah, I sadly have a tiny body type. the wind when it’s strong loves to try and kill me. *grumbles*

  2. Wow, you must be seriously small. I mean Carin is small, but I can’t remember any times when she’s been nearly so tossed around by big mean nature.

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