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No dancing Noah

I created a monster when it comes to Noah and dancing with Shout Sister Choir

On Saturday October 19th was our first performance of this season and I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to go since I’ve been horribly sick since my weekend in Petawawa for Thanksgiving. It was a short performance for us so I didn’t have my bf and family there this time, but our next show we open for the Nylons which is in November, but more about that another time.

So, our show on Saturday. For those of you who already know about the Shout Sister Choir dancing dog you know that since we joined the choir Noah and I have danced at just about every show. If you haven’t seen it yet, well shame on you and go watch now

Well, when this season started I discovered that Noah and I no longer have our dancing song, *cries* and we’d have to find a new one. I relayed this to my lovely golden boy that we would not be dancing for this show since we don’t have our song anymore, the stage we were on was a little small and to top it off I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t have the energy needed o sing and dance with him.

Well, guess what happens?

We get through all of our songs and the audience loves us of course and they ask for an encore. Well, in fact they ask for 2 more songs, but sadly we only had one more, lol. By this time I already have Noah up and sitting next to me since at first people weren’t asking for that encore and we were getting ready to go….oops, nope encore time! Get Noah to settle down again and sit nicely next to me like he’s done before and he’ll eventually lay back down for the song.

Not this time!

Shortly after we begin the song, the first line my lovely puppy who “was” sitting nicely at my feet has decided, “nope, screw you mom, we’re dancing.” I find myself with a armful of golden retriever who demands that we dance.

I of course am totally not prepared for this and neither is the group since, “hello” not the dancing song and everyone near me including myself can’t sing because we’re laughing, the audience is laughing and clapping.

“oo, clapping” Noah thinks, lets dance even more mom.

No Noah, no dancing, get down. I tell the furry pain in the butt.

“What’s that mom, dance you say?”

*growls, grumbles*
So here I am trying to sing and get Noah to “stop” dancing, but every time I tell the silly mutt stop dancing,

“what, dance you say” is his response.

Finally I get him to sit down, not settle, just sit and I go back to singing. We get to part of the song where I actually don’t have to sing and guess what?

Yep, you guessed it, I yet again have an armful of dog who demands that we’re dancing. The audience loves it and the more they clap the more he says, “dance mommy, dance? Oh, how about I join in and sing too, is that ok?”

*snort, snort, dance, dance*


Is this darn song over yet? No, no, yes, *whew*

So it’s now the end of the song, Audience is happy and clapping wildly and my great golden boy is proud of himself is now sitting nice and quiet back at my feet. Can I strangle him now? I have learned my lesson, no more telling Noah “no” dancing.

“What’s that mom, dance and kill you, you say?”

*growls, grumbles, damn dog*

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