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Singing Once Again

After two long years I’ve found one of my passions once again. When I lived in Vancouver I use to sing with a band and I’ve missed it ever since I moved to Ottawa.

Finally, on Thursday November 1, I start singing with Shout Sister Choir and they are totally awesome. They sing a huge range of songs which makes it even more enjoyable.

I absolutely love singing. It helps me when I’m stressed or feeling blue or just during those times when I just feel like singing. This time of year is when I especialy love it. All those lovely holiday songs that will be starting long before they should that are just so darn catchy. Country is my absolute favorite thing to sing of course and this choir even does a few of those, *smiles*.

Anyways, here’s to another new adventure and I hope it turns out well.

I have loads of songs to learn to sing so I must get back to practicing.

Anyone have a translator for this darn French song I need to learn?

This is turning out to be a great second half of a horrible year!


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