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Found Our Dream House

OMG, I’m soooooo in love!

This afternoon James and I went to look at what we were first calling our potential new home. Well, that potential has turned into a “absolutely!”

Accora Village won me over when I first looked at the description on their site, but after going there today and seeing first a garden house and then a townhouse I’m in love. The places are totally awesome and that makes staying here at Greenbank Towers extremely difficult. Especially now with everything going on, but more about that later.

James and I will be moving into a garden house. If you count the room that’s in the basement it’s 5, count them, 5 rooms! We will have our pools both inside and out, a hot tub, fitness centre and loads more at this community. Go check it out and you’ll see. I’d say it all here but then the post would go on forever!

This will be the perfect house for us to have that family that we’re also planning on.

Another great thing is that we’ll also be close to our favorite anniversary place to eat Boston Pizza and they hopefully we’ll deliver since we’ll be closer to one of the locations.

Can we move yet?

Ok, so the reason we are thinking about moving already and want to move like now is because our current living situation has become hostile and we no longer trust management. Since it is currently going on I will not going into the details right now, but will definitely when things cool off a bit.

Anyways, back to the good stuff. Moving once again and this time there will not be a move after it. I guess we’re not going to completely unpack after all. Way too much work to have to pack everything up again. So might as well wait until we move to our final destination.

more later must go back to mentally decorating our house.



  1. Hello, yes we are still just as happy with them. We’ve been here over a year and wouldn’t change a thing.

  2. Pat Pat

    Hi Cat,
    Can you tell me if you are still as happy with Accora Village as you were when you were first moving there. We are thinking about renting there.
    Thanks so much

  3. Cat Cat


    Thanks, yes the place is so totally awesome. If all goes well we’ll move in January. Sadly though when it’s probably snowing.

    Although we could use the help, not sure how you’ll be able to do with it being a house and loads of stairs.


  4. Faith Girvan Faith Girvan

    Yay, management! I know that feeling and I’ve only lived in my house not too long. I totally get it. Problem is, unless I could find another house that has wheelchair accessibility, I’m here. 🙂 If help is needed when moving *again* let me know. Great blog post!

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