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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Description

Welcome to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5!

In this entry there will also be an audio version for those that would like to hear the description.

First taking everything out of the box.

When you remove the lid, don’t toss it aside because that’s where your sim ejector, cable, and the instructions that are only important if you care to read them are hiding. The cable for the Flip5 is a USBC to USBC. So, if you already have an android phone, you most likely already have lots of these laying around. The one that comes with the phone is pretty short.

The bottom portion of the box is where the awesome new phone is. It will be in its open state. You could just flip the box over and it should nicely fall into your hand. Well, mine did anyways, smiles. Once you have the phone in your hand you will need to remove the lovely sticky type paper that is covering the device.

Now let’s have a look at the phone, shall we?

When holding the phone when it’s open, you want the cameras, the 2 circles that you feel to be on the top right and facing away from you, that is the back of the phone, again when it’s in its open state. The cameras are also on the top half of the phone. If you look at the back of your phone and didn’t remove it yet, on the bottom half of your phone there is a sticker. I’m pointing these out for those that like lots of tactile references. The cameras and the sticker are on the back of the phone when it is open. Again, cameras top half and sticker bottom half.

Next important things are your volume and power buttons. With the front of the phone facing you, (cameras in back, top right) more your finger down the right side of the device. The first thing you will come to is the volume button. It is slightly raised. Slightly below that will be the power button with a built in fingerprint sensor. This button is almost flush with the phone.

Now move over to the left side of your device. It’s time to find that sometimes tricky sim tray area! That nice tiny little whole is not too far from the top of the device. So put one finger at the top of your device and slowly start moving towards the bottom and you shouldn’t miss it.

The sim tray, volume and power buttons are all on the top half of the Flip5 when it is open. There is nothing that I can tell on the bottom half along the sides.

And of course your USBC cable plugs into its normal spot at the bottom of the phone.

Now, let’s close the Flip5! To me with it closed it looks like a square, totally cool and I can so see me losing my phone lots due to not being use to it being so small.

Hey, have you seen my phone? lol.

Ok, so now with it close, your cameras are now in front at the bottom right. Weirdness eh? Confused me too when I saw this phone at the store.

So now with your Flip5 closed, the layout of things is just slightly different. All important things are still in the top half of the device and nothing on the bottom or underside.

  1. the sim tray is still on the left except now it is more towards the bottom of the left side of the top half
  2. On the right side your power button is now what you will come across first with the volume buttons just below that.
  3. your cameras again are on the bottom right.

This I believe covers the description of the Samsung Z Flip5. If there’s something I missed, whoops, sorry, I just got it today. Again for those that would like to hear pretty much this same message in audio, feel free to do so if I did it correctly and I hope you enjoy.

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