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Off to Petawawa, the sick adventure

Finally, James and I are off to Petawawa later this morning to start our holiday that was suppose to have started on Saturday. Sadly, that didn’t happen. Why?

Well, on Wednesday evening James and I started feeling like we were coming down with something, a cold of some sort. No big deal. Whoops, very big deal, come Thursday morning James came down with a wicked high fever. I could boil an egg or 3 on him. He even cooked the bed, whew hot stuff. So I spent Thursday making sure he drank and got rest and Friday morning his fever went bye bye. He wasn’t completely back to himself, but he could at least stand without falling over.

Now for the bad news on why we couldn’t leave on Saturday. James got better, I got worse. So worse that I was puking every 10 minutes, couldn’t hold down liquids, medicine, food, nothing. It was absolutely horrible. I had the death bug so I come to calling it. There was no way in hell I was traveling like that. So why I was either curled up in bed or visiting the toilet Gods, James was speaking with Greyhound to change our tickets to Monday, (today).

But guess what, I’m still not better. This damn thing won’t leave me alone. I think it’s come back for round two! Any solid food I try to eat, toast, fruit, my stomach says screw you and back to the toilet Gods I go. *grumbles* At least this time I can drink if I’m careful. so I’m really hoping mom has lots of soup at home since I can trick my stomach into taking that since it is liquid, right? Man I hope so. I haven’t had anything to eat really since Thursday and I’m tiny enough as is. I can’t afford to lose more weight and I’m extremely weak now. I can barely stand up long enough to do the simplest things without being wiped out. This is definitely not good.

Anyways, this plans to be a very long 2 hour trip today and unlike last time, I’m not looking forward to this trip.

Oh yeah, someone suggested that maybe I’m pregnant. Ha if so, this is a cruel way to let me know it and the poor baby hasn’t had food since Thursday either. The horror of it all! Go away bug, now now now!!!

Anyone want to loan me a bucket?

The miserable sick Cat

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