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Greyhound and weird old women

OMG, you meet the strangest people while traveling on public transits, city buses, planes, trains and definitely Greyhound Canada

If you remember I was pretty sick so our trip got put off a few days and James and I left on Monday morning instead. The amusing part happened once we got on the bus.

These 2 old ladies got on the bus after us and one announced rather loudly that he had to sit in the front because she was getting off the bus first. She was getting off in some place called Cobdan, probably spelled wrong, but close enough I guess, *smiles*

Well, silly old woman, your stop isn’t even first. More like close to the end of the trip.

She didn’t stop there, no no. Then she had to announce very loudly to make sure we all knew that it was 3 minutes before the bus was suppose to leave at 10AM.

Then the horror of it all the bus was late and boy did she let us know that too.

“The bus is late,’ she yells across the bus. “What is he doing out there, he late!”

Now at this time it was only 10:02AM. God forbid the bus is 2 minutes late.

Oh this woman is going to be a fun one to travel with.

Now here was the part I found rather amusing. Finally it was time to go, everyone was on board, door closed and the driver settling in. The damn woman starts cheering loudly.

The driver asked nicely for for people to keep the noise down, hhahahahah. That went in one ear and out the other. the damn old woman shouted again. Then to top it off she states,

“I’m larger than life.”

I followed that up by saying, “and twice as loud.” *snickers*

The people you meet on Greyhound. Boy what a trip.


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