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Luna’s first spa day

Well, yesterday was the first time I left Luna someplace and ran away. Since she is so much *my* dog more than my other dogs have ever been I was definitely curious on how she would act when I handed her over to someone else and I walked away without her. She absolutely can’t stand if I’m too far from her at home. She hated it while I was out at the families house for the holiday too, but this was a different test. I was leaving her with strangers, *hasp* bad bad me!

Ha, yeah right. Luna could care less. We walked into the grooming salon at Petsmart and Luna was like….oo, dogs to play with. All for me!! *wag wag wag, goes the tail*

I apparently still don’t rank higher in importance to my dog when dogs are around. *sighs*

She happily jumped around, tried to go over the counter and sniffed and really just showed that *working dog* yeah what’s that?

So, i handed her over to the nice groomers and walked away. Luna did not look back! HMPH!

Now, lets turn the page and it’s time I go back to pick her up. You know that dog that could care less about me when I left her. Hahaha, right, when she saw me she once again tried jumping over the counter to get to me! Guess that groomer was taking *waaaaaay* too long to get her too her owner. Then again I just think she was happy to see me cause it was past her dinner time, what do you think?

The groomer said Luna was an absolutely princess while she was there and enjoyed her spa day. *whew* means I won’t have to worry about her the next time it’s spa time.

Now she’s all nice and pretty it’s time to get ready to get back to class. First class this evening. Wish us luck!

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