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2015 busy busy busy


2015 is here and it starts off with a busy busy busy month! Just the way I like it.

What was the first thing that popped in my inbox to ring off 2015? An audition for NBC’s Hannibal in Toronto. I so want to try for that. Figures the moment I stop paying attention to acting so much something comes up that’s close and would be great to go for. They are looking for a blind person to be in a few episodes. Definitely time to get on the move and quickly update my acting stuff. Where the heck is that acting resume and I need a new headshot, oh yes and Luna does too!

lol, so in yesterdays entry I wrote that I wanted to watch Annie 2014 and that it needed to hurry and come on cable. Well, not long after that entry was posted I actually got the movie. nope, not on cable, sorry.

Annie 2014 definitely has some amusing parts and some things could have been better, but i’d definitely watch it again. I also agree that kids now would probably like it more than the original. I however like them both. They both in their own way have amusing parts.

Annie 2014
Annie, Sandy has to go.
Will, lemonade or chicken nuggets?

It’s back to school time. This is a good thing and a bad one, lol.

Good being that I finally will get to start working on getting my massage training for here in Ontario. I’m going to be doing it on a course by course basis for a little while since the school is like super expensive. Hopefully by the time i *have* to switch into the program itself the cost will be a bit cheaper. I also have to go out and buy new clothes. This school you *must* wear the school colors. You have a choice of white, cream or green. Bleh! Why couldn’t they have like purple? Ah well, guess I’ll pick green. Shopping on Monday it will be.

The bad thing is I just don’t have the confidence in myself for this school stuff. I discovered in the last few months that y attention span for school at the college or university level definitely needs some work, like badly! All my tricks for keeping my focus and not getting so agitated and restless in school before are not working at this level.

luna will be going for her first *spa* day on Monday so that she’s all nice and pretty before our first day of class on Tuesday. And since there’s currently no snow thanks to mother nature, I won’t have to worry about her diving in it right away after her bath, lol.

Moving moving moving!!! The end of the month it’s moving time. Just in case you missed it, OTTAWA PEOPLE, come out, come out, where ever you are! Help help help, we need help!

Shhh, those of you in the peanut gallery, not help in that way, lol. Although it’s probably true.

Also, on the same day we get the keys for the apartment Luna and I are heading off to a concert. I’d tell you where, but I forgot where it is, lol. Good thing I’m not doing the driving, ha!

Now, back to my cheese cake while Luna snores in her bed. Where’s that muzzle?

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