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LD Training5 Wren thinks waaaay too much

Ok, I have to start this post off by commenting on how totally freaking awesome those sugar cookies I had were or better say still are. I still have loads left and that’s after sharing them too!

For those that have already been to Leader have probably had the taste of some form of these awesome cookies made by Bonnie Luternow. The GDMI’s definitely love them too. I asked if they wanted some when she brought them to me and I had to hope I’d get or at least one back when the container made it’s way back to me, lol.

So, Bonnie, thanks loads for the very tasty sugar cookies. They were a hit!

Ok, on to Wren the speed demon!

So, this little monkey had me all in a panic this morning thinking she ***seriously*** had to go outside. Like right now woman, I can’t wait!

Normally, it’s I get up first, have my shower, get ready for the day and then take care of miss Wren.

Nooooooooo, this morning she was having none of that! She demanded that I take her out before I was ready. She spun around in her crate, she whined, she hmphed at me, whined some more and then had the nerve to bark at me!

Like seriously! What a brat.

So, grumbled the whole time I gave in and took her outside worried that something was wrong or that we were about to have a serious mess to clean up.

She created lake Wren outside followed by a 2-bagger and then had the nerve to give me another little pile that I sadly could not pick up. Um, poop machine, I only had 2 bags. ***sighs*** Why me!

To make it wurse because I was sooooo worried about her, we locked ourselves out of our room!

EEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP, now what do I do? There’s no one outside because everyone else ***included*** the other dogs don’t come out until 6:30, not, 6:05. There’s no one in any of the rooms starting at room 21, not until we get to those on the Rodchester wing. I’m soooo not walking that far! Then we have Tru . . .

Oh, duh May, pray that Trudy is ready for the day and see if you can sneak through her door and not piss off her dog since her room is right next door to you!

So, we get back inside and back to our room after I get someone to let us in and Wren goes into the bathroom to where her bowl sits and sits there like

Ok, I’m all better now, where’s my breakfast?

Bah, what a way to start the day!

Morning walk with Wren.

Our morning walk was so totally awesome. Wren and I were not attached to Linda for the first part of our trip. Wren and I walked to the cupcake place with no problems at all. And she didn’t even try to throw me through the door this time! Whew, minor progress in that regard!

Linda did put on the extra collar and leash for the rest of the route just in case Wren needed help getting me to understand what she needed me to do because of all of the lovely booby traps that are set up.

Afternoon walk

Wow, Wren and I did the ***whole*** route this time without Linda attaching to us! Wren did such a good job and showed that she thinks waaaaaay too much. I have to watch the things I do with this girl for sure.

So, those traps I mentioned for this morning were of course still there and I made the mistake of giving Wren a treat after she did a great job showing me and taking me around one. Well, little miss smarty pants figured that

Hey, you gave me one back there, why the heck aren’t you giving me one now? Where’s my treat? Why aren’t you giving me my treat?

I also learned that I can’t unfortunately keep my treat hand in my pocket either so it doesn’t freeze and fall off. Oh no no no! If I do that then the little smarty pants again thinks I’m getting her a treat!

As Linda says, this dog thinks waaaaaaaay too much, lol. I better watch out!

Here’s another thing with Wren that I didn’t even notice she does until Linda asked me about it after lunch today.

Linda, May, how do you get your dog to walk on leash with it just looped over your arm?
Me, um, huh?

And of course, the moment she asked me that Wren decided she’d no longer be nice and tried to get to Linda, hahahaha. linda is her trainer of course whom I’m trying to win her from.

But anyways, I actually never paid attention that Wren walked nicely beside me when the leash was just looped over my arm. She just automaticly did it correctly that I just tell her what an awesome dog she is and we went on our merry way.

So, to clarify. When you just walking your dog beside you, you normally hold the leash closer to the collar or somewhere in that area. Well, when I’m carrying something back to our room from meal time like a drink or something, I put the drink in my left hand and use my right hand on the rail to make sure we find our room. So by doing that I can’t of course hold the leash, so instead I loop it over my arm and tell Wren to heel and off we go.

Pretty smart dog I have here and does well until that Linda comes along, lol.

Tomorrow we work with Phil in the morning since Linda has something to do. I hope that goes just as well. So, until tomorrow, take care all from Wren the speed demon and I!

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