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LD Training4 First Walk with Wren

Whew, I am so sorry that this update is late. I was apparently super tired last night. I laid down and was out like a light.

So, my first night with Wren was rather amusing and I didn’t get much sleep then because I was too busy laughing at her.

Our night was spent with my dog growling and snarling at whatever dream creatures were comingto attack us. Ha, and it wasn’t the nice lets play growling either. It was the I’m going to bite your head off if you get any closer.

My first walk with the super speed demon!

I just have to say that I absolutely without a doubt hate walking in boots with a dog. My balance feels all off.

The morning walk we stayed on campus and did the practice route and I didn’t feel that it went great. We didn’t do bad, but I just couldn’t get my stride going well. STupid boots! I also held her back a little bit because it’s been like 2 and a half years since I had to use those guide dog muscles and my body was yelling at me and demanding that I stop the torture.

Now, the afternoon walk went much much better. I decided to switch to wearing my shoes instead of my boots and whew, what a change!

For the afternoon we went downtown and did some destination work. We learned how to find the cupcake shop.

Man, this is one awesome girl. She learns extremely fast.

She’s like
Me, Wren, left find the door.
Wren, ***speed up and slam on the breaks*** here you go, here’s the door. Now where’s my treat?
Me, ***holds arm out slightly to catch myself from going through the door*** ha, great girl!

And it’s not just doors she does this with. She slams on the breaks when coming to curbs too.

I think I need to take out insurance, but I wonder what kind of coverage I need to ask for?

The only thing Wren and I have to work on is how to read each other. She’s a very light dog so reading her is a bit difficult when she is trying to get move to move to the right. When she pulls left it’s not too hard, but we need work in this area.

After we were all done working and I had her bring me back to our chair she was all excited that she got to work and she did an awesome job that she hopped up on my lap and gave me loads of kisses!

I also think this girl is a mind reader. From the moment I got this girl she sits all nice and calm under the table exactly where I want her to sit. I didn’t have to teach it to her at all.

I’ll be trying a crate with her to see how she does with it so that way if I need to take care of my boys or she needs a break from all the craziness at home she has a safe place.


  1. Thank you so very much. I’m hoping soon I can get video of Wren and I working. I want us a little more comfortable with each other first, smiles.

  2. Kim Schur Kim Schur

    Wren is an awesome dog! I work with Cathryn and got to see Wren regularly as she grew up. I know she will be a fabulous guide dog! Best wishes to the two of you!

  3. May and Wren May and Wren

    Ah, so that’s where she learned to lay under chairs. That’s awesome! That’s one less thing her and I have to work on. She does that like a pro. It’s exactly where I like my dogs to sit, they are safe that way.

  4. May and Wren May and Wren

    Smiles, I’m sure Wren and I are going to have many fun times together. There’s not a moment that has gone by that she hasn’t had me laughing at whatever she’s doing.

  5. Monika Monika

    She’s a great dog. I hope you have good times with her.

  6. Monika Monika

    Hello I’m Monika Cathryn’s Mom
    Wren was a great puppy. It seemed that she’s been a good puppy when we where out. She would lay where Cathryn asked her to. She was really funny last Christmas we had went to a program with her she layed under the chair just watching the people walk by. Then when we get outside and Cathryn took her vest off she started jumping around, like a funny playful puppy. I hope you two have many good time. Could you give her a big hug and kiss from Grandma.

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