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LD Training16 From Wren and May

Hello all new puppy and human friends. It’s is me, super pup, Wren! Sorry we are letting speaking with you, but my human and I were trying to decide who would get to update and I won! wag wag wag wag. Yay me!

So, my human and I are doing very well. She says that we will be going home soon and I’ll get to experience loads more new things. She now tells me that I will have to start sharing her with the little humans and that I must remember to be careful with the baby.

Honestly, what does this humn take me for, hmm? I have a very good memory. Well, until I get excited and that all goes out the window, but I quickly remember afterwards. That counts right?

Oh, I am so happy happy happy! I got to play with my other family for a little while the other day. I was soooo happy to see them. They didn’t bring me any treats though! A well, I got to sniff the and kiss them all over. I was very sad though when they left. I whined for a while and my human sat on the floor and cuddle with me. That was great!

Anyways today I got to steal some chicken off the floor, but my friend Shunshine’s human told on me, but ha, it was too late and down in my tummy! Have you met my bestiest friend Sunshine and her human yet? Oh Sunshine is great. We play with each other all the time when we sit together and those humans are eating. We share all sorts of doggy secrets, but shhh, don’t tell those humans.

Sunshine and I even tried to talk to each other while we were working, but got in trouble for that one. Oops, suppose to ignore other doggies including friends while working. Whew, that part is hard sometimes! But other times it’s really easy to ignore those other dogs if they aren’t my friend. Like my human and I came up to one today while waiting to cross the road and I complete ignored the barking thing. Butboy that dog was loud, but I just ept on going and got a treat for it too!

Oh oh, sorry my doggy mind is all over the place tonight. Sunshine and I got to walk together too. This was before we got in trouble for trying to talk to each other. Sunshine walks almost as fast as I do. I don’t mind walking with her. I hope we can do that again someday. My human was very prou of me for not pulling her arm off when it was Sunshine’s turn to be in front of us. Why would I do that? I just don’t understand these humans sometimes worry about the strangest things.

I also got to walk with another doggy, but not sure of that dogs name and my human made me walk slow. I haaaaaaaaaattttttttttttteeeeeeee walking slow. Doesn’t she know this? hmph! She says it was a perfect chance to work with me on waling slower for when we have to walk with the little humans. What, they can’t go fast like we normally do? Why not?

Ah well, I did it without too much grumbling and got treats for it! So I guess I’m happy!

However, what I am not happy about is that they put that horrible horrible thing on my nose today. What did they go and do that for? I thought I was being such a good girl. That human I had before this human says that we had to do it, but whyyyyyyyyyyy? I was not happy, no no no, not one little bit!

Yes, I got treats, but I was still not happy and didn’t even wag my tail at them. I didn’t screams at them, but I didn’t works well for them either. That thing I wanted off of my nose. How would they like it if I did that to them, hmm?

Well, I’m going back to bed now. I must recooperate from the torture of my evening!

Ha, hello everyone now it is my turn. That Wren is quite the drama queen isn’t she? Seriously though, wow, she definitely does not like the gentle leader. She won’t have to worry though. I’m like 99.99 percent sure I’ll never have to put it on her. Well, unless there’s a Santa around, lol.

Wren did a really really good job today. We worked on more obstacles as I mentioned because I want to get us better at reading each other. From what I can tell, even though she does a lot more shaking of her head, which makes me nervous that she’s too stressed or something is that we work very well together when Linda isn’t where Wren knows she’s there. Hell, during this afternoons lessons Paul was around on a bike and Wren didn’t even care. I didn’t even know about the bike until someone else mentioned that their dog got distracted by it. So go Wren!

Despite her grumbling about having to go slow when we wre behind Nora and Owen I didn’t have to work with her on not pulling to make us go faster. She listened very well and stayed at the pace I wanted her to be and even waiting whenever I stopped us to let the other team get more in front of us at times.

Wren and I have completed all of our personal goals that I wanted to work on and now it’s just hitting cruise control until Friday.

Everyone have a great night and see you tomorrow!

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