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LD Training15 What, No Food for Us?

Mahahahaha, ok, I lied. There will be a post for today!

Leader is trying o starve us this week. The phone and Alexa have nothing in regards to what we are eating this week. What’s up with that?

I thought when I asked last night for todays menu that it was a fluke. But, noooooooo, Alexa says we shall eat nothing and when you check with the phone, there’s just a busy signal.

Time to pull out Door Dash for food?

Since there are some that have asked and I guessed missed it. Wren is spelled, W r e n and it is a little songbird. I am not the only one that thought, ***silent w*** what the heck! Hey Cathryn go and confuse people, lol. Isn’t the English language confusing enough? smiles.

Another friend of mine asked me what nickname I would give Wren since it’s already short. Wren is Wrenny and Wrennie the Pooh! She’s also miss Demanding while we’re working!

This week some of the things we will hopefully get to work more on are food distractions, more obstacle work so we can learn to read each other, fight with the gentle leader, sooooooo not looking forward to that one and going to play in the mall. I’m sure she’ll think it’s time to shop then!

And then, then the most important emotional day of al, saying goodbye to all of our new friends and the awesome trainers on Friday and taking Wren home to meet her new crazy family.

Ok, now really this time we shall see you tomorrow for more of Wren the Demanding Songbird and I, lol.

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