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Intro to Social Work

Ok, so I will seriously figure out a time to make sure to fit in writing about how classes are going. So, about Social Work and Social Welfare.

I had this class Tuesday morning. This is my second class on Tuesdays and I have to say of the 2, this is the less reserved of my classes. This group has more energy than the other. Of course that could also be that my first class is 8:30 in the morning and this one isn’t, ha!!

Again, this was an introduction class day that wasn’t *snore* when is it over kind of class. It was active from the start.

1. Our class nor the instructor knows how to count, *sniffs*

We started off with the lets get to know the instructor. we were only allow to ask 6 questions. Um, somehow we ended up asking 7 and I was the one that asked the last question. Of course I didn’t realize this until later when I went back and watched the video that we all suck at counting, lol.

2. Everything we have to do for this course assignment wise and test wise will be done online. *cheers* That’s definitely cool at least for the sighted students in the class. For me, *sighs* not so much. We know that CU learn sucks as far as submitting papers online through the system, but we have “no” idea how it works for taking test. This could be fun to find out just as long as I don’t get punished for it in the end.

We have 2 mini assignments, 2 test and a book review to due for this term. *no final!*

So calling out all my book lovers again just like I had to do for the last class, but this time I think the task may be even harder. I can’t even find Ebooks of these books. Again, I may be overlooking a source and I’m hoping you can help me out.

Here’s the book list:
1. A Place to Call Home by Pat Armstrong
2. Bathtubs but No Water by Gerry Steele
3. Get That Freak by Rebecca Haskell
4. Ontario Works by Julie Vaillancourt
5. Random Acts of Culture *this one has no author listed*

Not easy choices as you can see.

What I also like about this class is that everyone so far is willing to participate in the class discussions. The instructor asks a question and we don’t just sit there hoping someone would answer. No no in this case it’s *whew* everyone just about has something to say.

Here is the topic that really had everyone’s input on Tuesday and on our discussion board. Feel free to add your on thoughts if you wish.

1. As a social worker we could come across many types of individuals and situations. What would you do if you were a social worker and faced with a problem that goes against what you believe in either religiously, personal views don’t match or cultural differences? Would you still help that client because you feel you have too or would you step aside and refer them to someone that could possibly help them better than you could?

2. Regarding suicide, how do you think a social worker could best help a client? How can people in general make people aware of suicide?

These are just a couple of the topics that are being discussed. I’m not going to list them all here, just the ones that right now anyways are generating the most discussion.

I look forward to your comment. Please keep it respectful!